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Title: The Memories Recovered Project
Post by: Koen on 10 December 2009, 21:27:25
http://www.themrp.org/index.php (http://www.themrp.org/index.php)


My vision for this project started back in 2001 after my uncle Perley (a North Nova Scotia Highlander and D-Day veteran) and I briefly talked about his time overseas. We agreed that documentation of veterans' stories is something that had to be done. To put it in his words, 'Let the young people of today know what happened so it won’t be forgotten.' Unfortunately, he passed away several months afterwards, and I was unable to record his experiences.

It was in the next several years I learned more about the many other uncles(and one aunt) most of whom served and were sent overseas.One of these uncle's,Ernest Glenmore Hill was never to return.He was a North Nova Scotia Highlander and was killed on July 25th at Tilly La Campaigne,France.He is buried at Brettville Sur Laize Canadian War Cemetary.

It was from then on that I decided to ensure that as many veterans that are willing be documented on camera.In this way,we as Canadians will hear it directly from the veterans themselves,and truly understand the hardships and sacrifices they faced in conflict and peacekeeping over the last 70 years.

With the help of many volunteers and sponsors,The Memories Recovered Project is doing just that and to this day has interviewed and documented over 200 veterans to create another historical treasure archive. Many more veterans are waiting to be interviewed.   

This project is a tribute to them, and all of our Canadian military veterans to this day.     

Allan Cameron
Founding President/Producer