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Title: Ardennes/Wacht am Rhein/Battle of the Bulge...websites
Post by: Koen on 6 July 2009, 13:04:29
Baugnez museum: http://www.baugnez44.be/ (http://www.baugnez44.be/)

CRIBA: Center of Research and Information on the Battle of the Bulge: http://www.criba.be/index.php (http://www.criba.be/index.php)

THE ARDENNES: BATTLE OF THE BULGE by Hugh M. Cole: http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/7-8/7-8_Cont.htm#toc (http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/7-8/7-8_Cont.htm#toc)

Bastogne monuments: LINK (http://www.si-bastogne.be/index.php?lg=fpdb/sibastnl&page1=b-visites.htm&page2=b-c-archi.htm&rep=b-visites)