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Title: WaT Zoo Exhibit #6 - Lubna Ahmed Hussein: The Trouser Lady!
Post by: Koen on 7 September 2009, 21:29:22
When I heard about this woman/fact I was 2009?
She was protected by her UN-job but she denounced it...she could get off with a fine but she refused to pay...
Remember...this is in Sudan...a woman protesting in Sudan...???
to clarify my reason for posting I will quote some sources:

part I

The trial of a Sudanese woman charged with wearing "indecent" clothing has been adjourned, but will continue after she decided to waive her immunity.
A Khartoum judge told Lubna Ahmed Hussein she could have immunity because she works for the UN.
But Ms Hussein, who claims she was arrested for wearing trousers, said she wanted carry on with the trial because she wanted to get the law changed.
Under Sudanese law she could face 40 lashes if she is found guilty.
"I wish to resign from the UN, I wish this court case to continue," she told a packed courtroom.
The woman - a journalist who works for the UN mission in Sudan - had invited journalists and observers to the trial.
She was arrested in a restaurant in the capital with other women earlier this month for wearing "indecent" clothing.

'Unconstitutional law'
She said 10 of the women arrested with her, including non-Muslims, each received 10 lashes and a fine.
Ms Hussein and two other women asked for a lawyer, delaying their trials.
She says she has done nothing wrong under Sharia law, but could fall foul of a paragraph in Sudanese criminal law which forbids indecent clothing.
"I want to change this law, because hitting is not human, and also it does not match with Sharia law," she told the BBC.
The BBC's James Copnall in Khartoum says Ms Hussein is determined to generate as much publicity as she can.
Meanwhile another female journalist who wrote an article supporting Ms Hussein has been charged with defaming the police, which can carry a hefty fine.
Amal Habbani wrote an article for Ajrass Al-Horreya newspaper following the arrests entitled "Lubna, a case of subduing a woman's body".


part II

A Sudanese woman has been jailed for a month after refusing to pay a fine for "dressing indecently" by wearing trousers, her lawyers say.
Lubna Ahmed Hussein did not want to "give the verdict any legitimacy" by paying the fine of about $200 (£122), her lawyer, Nabil Adib, told the BBC.
Ms Hussein, a journalist in her 30s, could have been given up to 40 lashes.
Before the verdict, she had said she wanted her trial to become a test case for women's rights, correspondents say.
Ms Hussein had resigned from her job at the UN, which would have given her immunity.
"She thinks she was unfairly tried and convicted and was not given a proper chance to put her defence case," Mr Adib said.
He said Ms Hussein would appeal to both the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court.
Kamal Omar, another of Ms Hussein's lawyers, told the AFP news agency his client had been taken to the women's prison in Omdurman.
The BBC's James Copnall, at the court in Khartoum, says that Ms Hussein had previously said she was determined not to pay the fine but her lawyers had been trying to convince her to do so.

The announcement of the fine for Ms Hussein came shortly after the trial resumed on Monday.
Lubna Hussein leaves court in Khartoum after the final hearing, 7 Sept
Ms Hussein wore loose trousers to the hearing in Khartoum
The journalist - who appeared in the same loose green trousers, top and shawl she was wearing when arrested - was found guilty of wearing "indecent clothing" under article 152 of Sudanese criminal law.
Earlier, at least 40 protesters were held by police outside the courthouse in the Sudanese capital. Some of them were women reportedly wearing trousers in support for Ms Hussein.
All the protesters were later released on bail.
Our correspondent saw one woman being hit eight or nine times by police with truncheons.
Ms Hussein's supporters were heckled by Islamists, who tore up some of the women's homemade signs, says our correspondent.
But the presence of diplomats and human rights activists inside the court, and the protests outside, show that the trial has become a test case for women's rights in Sudan, he adds.
Among Ms Hussein's supporters were members of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) from southern Sudan.
The chairman of the SPLM's parliamentary group, Yasser Arman, told the BBC the prosecutions were adding to "the violations of the constitution of the peace agreement and of women's rights - Muslims and Christians".
"We reject it, we denounce it. The law itself it is unconstitutional, it is contradicting the constitution," he said.

'Nothing wrong'
Ms Hussein was arrested in July together with 12 other women who were wearing trousers.
Several of the women pleaded guilty and were given 10 lashes immediately, Ms Hussein said at the time.
She said several of those punished were from the mainly Christian and animist south, even though non-Muslims are not supposed to be subject to Islamic law.
During the trial, Ms Hussein argued that she had done nothing wrong under Sudan's indecency law.
On Friday, the London-based human rights group Amnesty International called on Khartoum to withdraw the charges against Ms Hussein and repeal the law used to justify flogging as a penalty for "indecent" dress.
In a column published in the UK's Guardian newspaper on Friday, Ms Hussein wrote: "When I think of my trial, I pray that my daughters will never live in fear of these police... We will only be secure once the police protect us and these laws are repealed."

Title: Re: WaT Zoo Exhibit #6 - Lubna Ahmed Hussein: The Trouser Lady!
Post by: Rattler on 8 September 2009, 02:12:29
I also follwed this closely.

This is the photo in questioin:


The good news: She was found guilty, but not sentenced to being whipped, but to pay a fine of 500 Sudanese pound instead (around 200 US $).

The not so good news: As she refused to pay the fine, she will go to prison for a month, but her lawyers try to persuade her to pay up. ( (

This could be considered a partial win, as at least court did not consider the "indecency" was covered by the Shariah, which is what the journalist always had claimed.


Title: Re: WaT Zoo Exhibit #6 - Lubna Ahmed Hussein: The Trouser Lady!
Post by: Jilly on 21 December 2009, 18:30:42
It must SO frustrating being a woman living in one of these countries where they are treated with such disrespect.  There is absolutely nothing 'obscene' about the way she is dressed. Ofcourse this is obvious to us and any normal minded person,  but not to the twisted male population of such a fanatical Muslim country.  I have to admire her for standing up to this.

Women aren't allowed to drive either are they?  Nor are they allowed to sit in the front of a car, only in the back seat.  Hard to believe that this is still happening in our day and age...

Title: Re: WaT Zoo Exhibit #6 - Lubna Ahmed Hussein: The Trouser Lady!
Post by: Rattler on 22 December 2009, 22:55:36
While I am all with you, just for the record, the charge was not "obscene" (which it clearly is not), it was "indecent", which you will still today find many men in Spain (and other first world countries would be my guess) commenting when seeing a woman in trousers (of cause, if the skirt is too short, it will also be dubbed "indecent" again, so not really a way out here:

For many men women are - by definition - indecent if they ever manage to get her horizontal, that is why so many guys need to talk of "sluts", "bitches" or else, when refering to the girls they managed to get laid.

It is the "Mama" complex (my personal theory):

Big Tits (like Mama when I was a baby!), they are of cause saints and as such stand on a pedestal and cannot be bothered with "dirty" things like sex (and so we can understand they will only by obligation fall for our sexual assaults, to do us a favor, as "Mama"), and so every lady who does not fall into that scheme (like the whores the married guys frequent to once fuck someone not a "saint"), are by definition: Indecent...

Not sure whether I explained my thoughts well here, comments appreciated!


Title: Re: WaT Zoo Exhibit #6 - Lubna Ahmed Hussein: The Trouser Lady!
Post by: Jilly on 24 December 2009, 00:15:28
I think you explained it pretty well!   :whistle: