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Title: Technical Problems/Questions Regarding Forum Software?
Post by: TechAdmin on 1 February 2009, 18:12:31
You have a problem/question regarding the technical aspects of the forum?

If so, please, by all means, dont hesitate to pester me with your input: I am here to serve you to make the most of your WaT experience. Contact me via the email you see in the attached pic or by PM.

Please, ALWAYS include following information (usually saves us a lot of to-and-fro comms):

1. Machine
2. OS
3. Browser (type, version)

... and be as clear and concise as possible about your problems.


Not helpful
I cannot see some links!

(Dont laugh, I got this msg literally, what does the author expect me to respond??? Something along "Well, get yourself some glasses!" ??? ?)

I have a problem with viewing links to [url=http://www.xyz.com]www.xyz.com[/url] ([url]http://www.xyz.com[/url]) site, I am using a PC on Vista, with IE7. Whenever I try to click on a link of this type I get following error message "Error: 404, page not found".

The latter at least gives me an idea as to where the problem might be originating, expect an answer to any of your queries within 24 hours (I am online here at least once a day usually).

Kind regards,