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Title: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 23 March 2017, 13:10:18

Yesterday afternoon a man armed with a knife drove with his car into a crowd of people walking across Westminster bridge.
Behind him he left 29 wounded ( 7 in critical condition) and 2 deads.
He than tried to reach the parliament buildings where he stabbed an unarmed policeofficer (48 year old PC Keith Palmer, who had 15 years of service with the parliamentary and diplomatic protection service. He was a husband and father)
Shortly after which he was killed by armed policemen responding to the emergency.
Another identified victim is Aysha Frade, 43, who worked as a teacher in London. A mother-of-two riginating from Spain.
Among the wounded were students from France and the UK, tourists from Korea, Australia, Romania and Germany.
One of the victims was rescued from the water, its unclear if she fell or jumped into the water.
Investigators say they believe they know the identity of the attacker, and that he is thought to have acted alone but was “inspired by international terrorism”. They are investigating possible associates.
This morning police conducted a raid against suspected adresses, arresting 8 people.

More to follow....

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: S-1 on 24 May 2017, 23:23:47

Twenty-two people were killed and 59 wounded in a blast at the Manchester Arena on Monday night right after a concert given by Ariane Grand.
Most of the wounded in hospital are badly injured.
The attack took place in the hall where people were waiting for their friends and children.
Many victims were children, the youngest 8 years old.

The bomb was detonated by a Libyan, named Abedi Salman.
Abedi's father Ramadan has reportedly been arrested in Tripoli, Libya.
Abedi's younger brother Hashem has also been arrested in Tripoli both for having connections with Daesh.
Abedi was a suspect but governmental sources said he wasnt believed to become a suicide bomber.

Police are investigating all known friends and familymembers of Abedi and are combing out Manchester.
Meanwhile 5 people have been arrested in the UK so far.
The first to be arrested was a man in Chorlton, Manchester.
He is believed to be Abedi's older brother Ismail.
He remains in custody.
3 more men were arrested in south Manchester on Wednesday morning.
A 5th suspect, believed to be carrying a package, was on Wednesday afternoon.

Prime minister May reacted by raising the threath level and calling up over a 1.000 soldiers to assist police.
The parliament was closed and changing of the guards at Buckingham palce was canceled to.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 4 June 2017, 11:36:02

Another sickening cowardly attack targeted against civilians.
3 men drove into a crowd of people at London bridge, when their van got stuck they ran to Borough Market.
There they stabbed randomly at people before being shot to dead by policeofficers.
One of the wounded is a police officer, he was stabbed in his face.
7 people died and 48 were injured and taken to different hospitals according to a city spokesman, 21 of them are seriously injured and have to stay.
Many others suffered from light injuries and were nursed on the spot.
One of the dead is confirmed being a Canadian, among the other victims many different nationalities. Frenchmen, Germans, Australians and New Zealanders.
Police have arrested 12 people so far in Barking that might have something to do with the attack.
More raids are sceduled.
Police also have confirmed the identity of the attackers is known.

So far nobody claimed responsibility.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 11 June 2017, 10:16:58
https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/07/london-bridge-attack-last-of-eight-victims-identified-as-xavier-thomas (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/07/london-bridge-attack-last-of-eight-victims-identified-as-xavier-thomas)

The names of the victims.
Lets remember them instead of the killers and their actions.

Most nameworthy is this man, a true hero!

https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/07/spaniard-ignacio-echeverria-confirmed-as-killed-in-london-attack (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jun/07/spaniard-ignacio-echeverria-confirmed-as-killed-in-london-attack)

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 19 June 2017, 19:06:23
A man drove into a crowd of people who attended a service in a mosk today.
1 man died, 9 others were injured.
Bystanders managed to capture the driver and handed him over to the police.
Nothing is known about the mans motives or if it was a deliberate action, although the meir of London spoke of a terrible attack.
It could be the man is mentally ill.
Tensions are rising after a series of moslim terrorists attacks throughout the country.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 26 August 2017, 20:35:47
Buckingham palace,

Two officers were injured after tackling a man who drove a blue Toyota Prius at a marked police vehicle near Buckingham Palace on Friday night.
Uniformed officers then confronted the driver of the vehicle and during that confrontation the driver reached for a four-foot sword that was in the passenger footwell.
The officers used cs gas and were able to get control over the situation after a brief struggle.
Scotland Yard said the incident is being treated as terrorism.
A spokesman of the Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism branch, said: "We believe the man was acting alone and we are not looking for other suspects at this stage.
"It is only right that we investigate this as a terrorist incident at this time.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 15 September 2017, 13:54:12
ANother terrorist attack in London,

This time the underground was the target (again) at Parsons Green Station near Fullham.
An explosion hit one of the metros wagons causing injuries for 22 people, all of them suffered from burns in the face.
None of them is badly wounded.
The explosion was caused by a substance in a bucket. An investigation is launched to determine what was in it.
The device exploded partially, this meant the casualty rate could have been higher.
Police found another suspicious package outside the station.
All metro traffic between Earl's Courte and Wimbledon has been suspended for the moment.

Nobody has jet claimed the attack.
Policespokesman said a suspect is known to the police.
Police arrested an 18 year old suspect at Dover.
Another suspect was arrested in London,, aged 21.
Both "refugees" from Iraq and Syria........again!

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 14 August 2018, 14:28:22

LONDON, Westminster.

 A man crashed a car into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament in London, injuring two pedestrians Tuesday in an incident British police are investigating as a terror attack.
It was the fourth vehicle-based terror attack in London in less than 18 months.
The driver of the car was arrested at the scene on suspicion of terrorism offenses. Few other details about him, his identity or a possible motive were released. No one else was in the car and no weapons were found with him.
The incident, which took place at 7:37 a.m. local time (2:37 a.m. ET), led to a large police operation and occurred close to the site of another terrorist attack in London last year. None of the pedestrians' injuries are life-threatening. 
In a news conference, police said the suspect was not cooperating with investigators. London Assistant Police Commissioner Neil Basu said the crash appeared to be a "deliberate act," that no other suspects have been identified and that there is no "intelligence" of further danger to London.
British Prime Minister Theresa May nevertheless convened a meeting of the government's COBRA emergency committee to discuss the incident. 
The Houses of Parliament are ringed by steel and concrete security barriers.
An unnamed eyewitness told British broadcaster the BBC the driver "drove at speed" toward the barriers and that his actions looked intentional. The eyewitness said the car appeared to swerve into a pedestrian crossing before slamming into the barriers.
Britain's capital has been subject to a series of terrorist attacks in recent years.
In June 2017, seven people were killed and dozens injured when three men — eventually shot and killed by police — rammed pedestrians with a car at London Bridge and then went on a stabbing rampage at nearby Borough Market. The Islamic State militant group later claimed responsibility for the attack.
Also in June last year, a British man drove a van into Muslim worshippers near Finsbury Park Mosque, in north London. A man who earlier collapsed near the scene died. Investigators concluded the attacker, who was jailed for murder, developed an extreme hatred of Muslims.
Twenty-two people were killed and hundreds injured during a bombing attack at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in northwestern England in May 2017. The Islamic State group claimed the 22-year-old British perpetrator of Libyan descent as one of its own.
The area where Tuesday's assault occurred was the site of a terror attack in March 2017, when three people — a police officer and two civilians — were killed and dozens wounded by a lone attacker near Britain's Parliament. Khalid Masood was shot and killed by police after he slammed a car into crowds on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed and killed the police officer and two tourists before being shot dead in a courtyard outside Parliament. The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attack.

Report from BBC.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: S-1 on 1 January 2019, 12:27:25
Manchester, 01-01-19

A man assaulted two peole with a knife at the railwaystation, both were wounded.
A policeofficer was stabbed in the shoulder.
The man has been arrested by the police.
A police spokesman spoke of a terrorist action, no further details have been given so far.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 6 March 2019, 16:08:36
Explosive devices found in UK,

The bombs were found at Heathrow, London City Airport and Waterloo station with one bursting into flames when opened at Heathrow.
Many personell on the railwaystation and airport were initially evacuated.
The bombs were posted from Ireland and chad Irish love stamps on them.
All the bombs were posted in A4-sized postal packages containing yellow Jiffy bags.
Police say all the devices were capable of igniting when opened.
The packages had a handwritten Dublin return address on them and two had An Post Valentine's Day 'Love Eire' stamps, which were issued in 2018.
Police launched an investigation.
Sources claim that allready a man has been identified as the writer.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 11 October 2019, 18:01:26

A 40 year old man was arrested after he stabbed 4 people in a mall.
The attack is regarded as a terror attack.
There are no details jet. More to follow.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 29 November 2019, 20:48:22
And it happened again..... another attack in London.
Today a man stabbed several pedestrians on London bridge, 2 of them died 3 people are wounded.
Police shot the men who was carrying a knife and wearing a suicide explosive vest.
Several people filmed the incident.
On one of the movies its visible that a group of 10 people tackles the stabber and tried to hold him down, a man is seen walking away with the attackers knive.
Few seconds later police arrived and killed the stabber out of fear he might set of the vest, a vest which appeared to be fake.
The stabber was a 28 year male from Stefforshire named Usman Khan who was just released from prison.
He was sentenced to 16 years in jail in 2013 because his involvement in planning an attack on the stock exchange.
His release was "automatic"  according to a policespokesman.

It proves again that shooting these cowards is the best option, the wont "heal" from time in prison.
Well done London police!

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 26 June 2020, 16:55:31
With the fear of Corona going away people go out on the street again, as do our terrorists.....

Reading stabbing:

Three people were killed and at least three others sustained serious injuries in a series of stabbings in Forbury Gardens in Reading town centre at 7pm on Saturday evening.
There were several witnesses to the attacks, which took place as people were relaxing in the park, and disturbing videos have emerged on social media showing scenes of victims receiving resuscitation treatment.
Khairi Saadallah, a 25-year-old Libyan national, was initially arrested on suspicion of murder, but he has now been rearrested under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000, giving police greater powers of detention.
Counter-terrorism Policing South East have taken over the investigation from Thames Valley police after the attack was declared a suspected terrorist incident.
Saadallah was on the radar of the security services in the middle of last year, sources have told the Guardian. The intelligence agencies believe Saadallah had mental health problems, the sources said.
Security sources said Saadallah had been granted asylum and had previously been in prison for a relatively minor offence, not a terrorism conviction.
The first named victim has been identified as James Furlong. He was in his mid-30s and was head of history, government and politics at the Holt school in Wokingham.
Furlong was described as a “kind and gentle man” who had a “real sense of duty and cared for each and every one of our students”.
Counter-terrorism officers were seen among a group of officers entering a block of flats in Reading, where the suspect is understood to have been living, at about 11pm on Saturday.
The prime minister, Boris Johnson, chaired a meeting at 9am on Sunday in No 10 to be updated on the latest developments. The home secretary, Priti Patel, was present, as well as police and security officials.

Johnson later said he would make changes to the legal system to prevent other attacks from happening if “there are lessons to be learned”.
The head of counter-terrorism policing, Metropolitan police assistant commissioner Neil Basu, has said there is nothing to suggest anyone else was involved and police are not currently seeking anyone else as part of the investigation.

One of the patients admitted to Royal Berkshire hospital has been discharged while another remains in a stable condition under observation, a spokeswoman has said.

Title: Re: UK terror attacks,
Post by: stoffel on 26 June 2020, 16:59:57
Another terrorist attack this time in Glasgow,

There have been at least 3 fatalities and 6 injuries in a stabbing attack in Glasgow city centre.
Police have said the suspect ( Sudan) has been shot and has died.
Six people are treated in hospital for injuries.
A police officer was also stabbed in the attack and is currently being treated in hospital. They are said to be in a critical but stable condition, Police Scotland have said.
The Scottish Police Federation said the family of the injured officer have been notified.
The attack is believed to have taken place inside the Park Inn Hotel, on West George.
A hotel used to house asylumseekers.