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Author Topic: Terrorism and acts of terrorisme in the Netherlands throughout the years.  (Read 4700 times)
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« on: 2 November 2008, 23:08:02 »

Terrorism was an unknown item in the Netherlands after the second World War.
During the 1950's and 60's the country was rebuilding and redeveloping.
Allthough two minor wars were fought in the former colonies, no problems occured in the homeland.
Both wars ended with autonomy for the countries involved.

It was during the 1970's  when Holland  encountered the first terrorist acts.
People were shocked, as was the government.
The police was not equiped or trained to engage terrorists nor did they have equipment and knowledge to investigate such acts of agression.
It was after the 1972 hijacking at the Olympics in Germany that western European nations reacted appropriate to this new danger.
Anti-terrorisme units were formed and trained, In Germany the GSG 9 team was the first of its kind in Europe.
Holland soon came with its own unit, a special branch in the marinecorps the BBE (bijzondere bijstands eenheid) or Special Assistance Unit in English.
Unfortunately they saw action sooner than expected.
Their first action with use of force was in the Punt , where they took out terrorists in a train.
Also a school in Bovensmilde, and later a governmental building in Assen were targets of terrorists where the BBE acted against.

Today the BBE is a highly trained and very well equiped unit capable of operations against many thinkable dangers.
I will post a list of terrorist actions and I will make a detailed profile for the BBE.( http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bijzondere_Bijstands_Eenheid )
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My topics are about my personal opinion, my thoughts and what I think. They do not reflect the official opinion of the ministry of defense of the Netherlands.
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« Reply #1 on: 3 November 2008, 10:28:27 »

Chronologic list of terrorist acts.

31-08-1970 Moluccan action

33 Moluccan youghts storm the residence of the Indonesian ambassador , 1 officer got killed by them.

The ambassador escapes.

06-02-1972 PLO

2 gas plants are destroyed by bombs, the reason why nor the people who did this are found, however there were strong links to the PLO.

10-10- 1972 red yought

2 bombs explode , one at the Holiday inn in Utrecht and another at a US bank in Rotterdam.

25-11-1973 Palestinians

A KLM plane, The Missisippi is hijacked by 3 terrorists, they surrender in Dubai after 3 days.
reason, they suspected the KLM to transport weapons to Israel.

13-08-1974 Japanese red army

3 Japanese men hijacked the French ambassy in The Hague, 3 officers were wounded.
The hijackers got away with a ransom money of 300.000 dollar payed by France.

03-03-1975 Moluccans

With a lucky arrest( 2 terrorists with a truck were stopped for a traffic violation) the police managed to prevent the hijacking of Queen Juliana.

02-12-1975 Moluccans

6 moluccans hijacked a train at the village of Wijster(Drenthe provence) they kill 3 hostages.
The government does not intervene, the hijackers finally surrender after  several weeks.

04-12-1975 Moluccans

Moluccans occupy the Indonesian consulate in Amsterdam, 1 man was killed during this action.

04-09-1976 Palestinians

Another KLM plane on its way to Nice and Malaga, hijjacked by 3 terrorists , after several days the jijackers surrendered and got a free escape to Libia.

23-05-1973 Moluccans

2 hijackings, one at a school in Bovensmilde(3 man) and one at the train in De Punt.(9 man) 6 terrorists and 2 hostages died.
After 3 weeks the BBE freed the hostages with a dared action.

22-09-1977 RAF

Befor his arrest, terrorist Knut Folkerts kills a policeofficer and severly wounds another in Utrecht.

13-05-1978 Moluccans

At this day 3 Moluccans ran into a governmental building in Assen and take everybody in it hostage.
There were no demands made and the government was afraid of  hostages getting killed.
After the terrorists killed their first hostage the BBE was ordered to go in.

01-11-1978 RAF

2 policeofficers were shot by RAF terrorists in Kerkrade by a routine passportcheck.

22-05-1979 IRA

British ambassador Richard Sykes was shot dead by terrorists, presumebly the IRA.

09-1984 RaRa

First appearance of this left wing group, explosion at the Van Heutz monument in AMsterdam.

17-09-1985 RaRa

Bombing of a MAKRO store, MAKRO had ties with south Africa, and together with Shell became a major target for this group.

29-05-1986 Left wing terrorists

Firebomb attack by left wingers on a rightwing group CP86 in a hotel at Kedichem.
This group leaders( Janmaat) wife lost her leg.

18-12-1986 RaRa

Firebomb attack at a MAKRO store at Duivendrecht.

10-01-1987 raRA

Another firebombattack, this time at a MAKRO store in Nuth.

June 1987 RaRa

Firebombattacks at SHELL gasstation in Nieuwegein and at a garage in Alphen aan de Rijn.

01-05-1988 IRA

In Roermond a British soldier was shot by terrorists, in Nieuw Bergen two other soldiers died by a carbomb.

octobre and decembre 1989 ETA

Bombattacks on several Spanish diplomatic posts in The Hague.

18-03-1990 RaRa

Firebomb attacks on two military police barracks in Oldenzaal and Arnhem.

25-03-1990 RaRa

Bombattack at the justice department in The Hague.

27-05-1990  IRA

2 tourists shot dead, the terrorists probably thought them to be British soldiers.

30-06-1990 ETA

Bombattack on the Aurora building in Amsterdam.

06-07-1990 ETA

Bombattack on the Banco de Viskaya in Amsterdam.

12-11-1990 RaRa

Bombattack at the house of Aad Kosto, department of justice and the ministery of justice in The Hague.

17-10-1995 left wing environmental activists

Bombattack on the bank Credit Lyonais in Arnhem.

02-01-1996 left wing environmental activists

Bombattack on the banque paribas in Arnhem. Both attacks apparantly to condemn French nucleair tests

16-04-1996 unknown

Bombattack directed at BASF office in Amsterdam

16-02-1999 Kurdish rebels

some kurdish rebels storm the building of the Greek ambassador.

They took some people hostage, his wife , his son and a maid.

They surrender to the police after making a statement.

 reason: condemn the arrest of Ocalan by theTurkish army.

06-09-2000 Animal liberationfront

Another left wing extremist group attacks a minkfarm in Barchem.

September 2000 Moluccans

Prime minister Kok and the secretary of Justice van Aartsengot extra policeprotection after Moluccan threats to kill them.

Oktober 2000 Moluccans

Former secratary of state Van Agt also got extra police protection for the same reason.
This due to the tv broadcast of  Moluccan violence in the 70'and his respons to it.(Van Agt was the first who authorized the use of the BBE)

March 2001 Kurdish rebels

PM Albayrak got extra police protection after threats to kill him.

28-03-2001 animal liberation front

Firebomb attacks on a pigs slaugtherhouse at Boxtel.

27-09-2001 moslim terrorisme

Threat  made to bomb several tunnels near Amsterdam, large scale surveillance by police and army.

06-05-2002 leftwing terrorisme

Murder of Pim Fortuin .
Fortuin would certainly have become  primeminister, he was shot  shortly befor the elections by a guy named Folkert vd Graaf.
This man  is sentenced to a long time in prison but he never said a word about his action nor did he give a reason why he did it.

30-06-2004 Moslim terroisme

A scholar Samir Azzouz is arested for a robbery, in his house police found drawings of the airport , a nuclear plant and the governmental centre in The Hague.
Reaons for a grand scale anti terorisme alarm

july 2004 Moslim terrorisme

Syrian man arrested, he was suspected to  terrorsit acts against the Nijmegen march.

02-11-2004 Moslim terrosime

Writer/filmproducer Theo van Gogh is killed by a moslim fundamentalist in Amsterdam.

18-08-2004 Moslim terrorisme

Police arrests several people in Maastricht.
They were supposed to have ties with the terrorists responsible for the bombings in Madrid.

10-11-2004 Moslim terrorisme

In The Hague the police arrests several moslims belonging to a new group.
One of them threw a grenade to the police to avoid his arrests.
This lead to a huge buildup of all kind of SF teams in that neighbourhood. The 4 surrendered later that day.

23-07-2005 unknown

Threats of bombings if the Dutch dont pull their forces back from Iraq.

July 2008 lft wing terrorisme
Bomb found in a SP controlled studenthotel.
No people arrested.

30 april 2009 isolated incident
man tries to attack the royal family bus.
He kills 6 bystanders with his car and dies in hospital 1 day after the attack.
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My topics are about my personal opinion, my thoughts and what I think. They do not reflect the official opinion of the ministry of defense of the Netherlands.
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