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Title: M-Management
Post by: S-1 on 19 October 2020, 15:49:36
Dear reader,

In the Netherlands we have a lot of veterans, dating back to world war 2.
Many people know the old men who fought in large scale conflicts from the 40, 50 and 60's, but these men are are slowly fading away.
But not the memory of the sacrifice these men and women brought for our safety and security, Dutch anual 4 and 5 may celebrations still remember those who fought for us.
How different all of that is for the last generations of veterans.
The current generation of veterans mostly saw action in peace keeping and peace enforcement missions instead of large scale conflicts.
A lot of them suffer from mental illnesses, the most common of them is PTSD or rather PTSI as M-Management refers to the I of injury instead of the D from Disorder.
There isnt much known about these missions anymore nor does people really care.
Most governments, NATO and the UN doesnt do much for these men.
In the Netherlands many veterans does not fit into the boundaries of the so called veterans affair law, nor are they helped by the veterans institute. (Because of that law)
Many have to rely on civilian healthcare which is often not suited for nor of its workers who are not (badly) trained to help veterans.
As a result men/ women get serious problems leading to divorce, alienation of society, severe health problems, or even suicide.
Therefore a veteran in the Netherlands, Jurgen Lars Meijer, set up M-Management, the M standing for military.
With the sole task to support veterans, their family and their loved ones, no matter if they are/ were professionals or drafted, fought missions or not. Everybody is welcome!
M-Management has its own website with a care compass.
M-Management is set up as a franchise, it is not set up to earn mony for profit. All money is used to pay bills first, all that remains goes to the veterans.
On this compas M-Managements volunteers gather data about any organisation be it health care, company or governmental aid and much more related to aid veterans.
To support this financially a viewer can buy a range of items, mugs, flags, t-shirts, banners and more. On each item you find the v- (veteran) or and an M for military. Each product therefore shows what the franchise stands for.
The money goes straight into the organisation, allowing Jurgen to provide support for veterans in a broad way.
Recently M-Management started to seek for cooperation with German and canadian organisations, especially in Germany there is almost no organized care for veterans, and there to is a need for recognision!
M-Management is NOT funded by the government, therefore I kindly ask you to help/ support them.
If you want to give your hard earned cash to support veterans thats highly appreciated, if you belong to an organisation or a company that can provide anything to support veterans you are also welcome.
A donation can be send to WaTs Paypal account (see home page) Please add veterancare in the paymentdata.
Its possible to join M-management to for 15 Euro a year!

M-Management, compas can be found here: http://mmanagement.org/ (http://mmanagement.org/)   (for international info please scroll down untill you see the Internationaal tab.
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=m-management (https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=m-management)