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Title: FAC and Pathfinders
Post by: bongotastic on 4 March 2009, 00:09:07
I got this question while browsing the A-Z thread, but I didn't wanted to go OT there so there...

What is the difference between a FAC (Forward Air Control) and a Pathfinder? The second surely does the FAC job but is there a difference in unit or training?

I read Richard Burns's memoirs title "Pathfinder" a few months ago: it was a very good read. (

Title: Re: FAC and Pathfinders
Post by: FACman on 4 March 2009, 04:14:24
As a FAC during my tour in Vietnam, I was responsible for air operations liaison at the Company level. Occasionally tasked out to other commands for temporary duty (1-2 wks) and I even made a few patrols at platoon level as well. My duties consisted of, sighting and building of LZs to their operation once built, calling for Medevacs, Air Support, or Surveillance as needed and setting up heliteams for insertion. I was never inserted with the lead units, I was always the last man on the last chopper out. (pucker factor +3 when leaving the 'bush')