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Title: Fire Brigade Bilbao Photo Calendar
Post by: Rattler on 10 October 2010, 18:02:10
A really nice work, the new photo calendar of the Fire Brigade Bilbao is out. It is sold to raise the funds for their participation at the Fire Brigade Olympics in the US next year.

It is already thier third edition and after the success of their calendars 2009 and 2010 they decided to give it another go. In the current edition they remind more of the NZ firemen than ever, their new photographer Lucho Rengifo has decided to change the outlook completely.

If you want to make a nice gift for one of your ladies or support them, its a great work that I do not hesitate to shamelessly advertise here, together with a small clip of the "Making of":

El mejor rescate de los Bomberos de Bilbao. (

The calendar can be ordered by internet here: (

While - to not hamper the sale - only a few apetizers have been posted on the net, the whole editions 2009 and 2010 are on the net to be watched online.

Appetizers 2011:



Calendar 2010 online (sold out): (

Calendar 2009 online (sold out) (