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Title: Welcome New Members - Read Me First
Post by: TechAdmin on 30 October 2010, 21:45:50
Hello, and welcome here on the War-and-Tactics forum (WaT)! We from the team hope you enjoy your stay here, here some links to help you getting started:

I suggest you maybe have a glance at The Rules (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/index.php?action=rules) before posting (should not be a show stopper, we only have a few basic ones)

Also, should you want to introduce yourself (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/rally-point-welcoming-center/) to the community you are very welcome and encouraged to do so.

Should you have doubts about forum mechanics and how things work here technically (how to post, how to attach pics, etc.) the straight way would be to use the "Help" button (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/index.php?action=help) in the upper tab line, the manual there is quite complete and easy to understand. For more and specific info check out our additional "How-to" section (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/wat-board-technical-info/), this should satisfy most of your needs.

Should still any questions, suggestions or concerns remain, do not hesitate to contact staff (Admin and TechAdmin) or ask publicly, you will find this is a fairly newbie-friendly environment.

Have a blast!

The WaT team.

Title: Re: Welcome New Members - Read Me First
Post by: TechAdmin on 15 April 2011, 23:26:18
Hola, Eva!

Thanks for finally turning up, almost had you discarded.... (not really :) ).

Have fun! For our issues with Spanish I recommend you contact Solideo (do a member search: He has a hang for - as he calls them -  "SpaKrauts",  which translates to a combination of "Spanish" and "Kraut", the latter of which is the English word for German WWII soldiers. He wll gladly teach you more Spanish as he probably appreciates "SpaKrauts" more so if theyre female ...  smallclap.

For you apart from Solideos efforts (or Rattlers, beware of that guy!), maybe the most interesting bit would be to subscribe to the "music" thread, as it more than often has some Spanish stuff.


Enjoy! Should you happen to be interested in anything apart from Castellano  and war or mil related feel free to roam the forum (all nice people here, and newby friendly), and if not, also fine with me as I invited you specifically and for the specific reason  to be able to user our PM system in conversation with you instead of my email client (TO ALL: my email client sucks when it comes to transpond serious or formated messages, or when treating attachments, its from 1991. Discarding it would discard all my emails from this time period, now 20 years long, or say 2 GB archive of messages to and from dead and stil alve people, our PM system is the best email system I have encountered - created - so far)

Back to Eva and just to change focus, I am looking forward to the 4 "classics" to share with you, only if your work schedule permits, of course.

Feel at home!


Title: Re: Welcome New Members - Read Me First
Post by: TechAdmin on 15 April 2011, 23:47:12
Sorry all new members:

I just found out by accident (by following a new members path) that this topic was actually locked (and you were asked to post elswhere with a redicrect that was - even if absolutely correct - hard to understand.

Topic now unlocked, feel free to introduce yourself here as well as in a separate post on the Welcome Board, whatever suits you best.

Sorry for that glitch folks,


Title: Re: Welcome New Members - Read Me First
Post by: macdevious on 14 January 2017, 10:00:40
Cool this looks to be a very good site. I was in the military 85-93. Civi now disabled due to car accident and other health reasons. Am always on the outlook for OOB's. trying to find make up of repair and supply columns for Germany in WWII, fro example a light and heavy repair column assigned to the light and heavy Panzer companies. I tend to like them represented in pictures but at this juncture I would be happy for anything that I can figure out, please no  military symbols, cannot keep track of them any more.  hdbng :salute:

Title: Re: Welcome New Members - Read Me First
Post by: stoffel on 15 January 2017, 22:02:30
Welcome on board!

I have several books about that subject.
I can give you more information, just tell me what you look for and maybe I can help :)