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Title: Remember 9/11
Post by: Koen on 11 September 2009, 15:34:54
We remember 9/11

The victims will not be forgotten. (

September 11 2001 Video. (

Title: Re: Remember 9/11
Post by: Jilly on 11 September 2009, 22:15:11
No, they won't be forgotten.  It must be a very painful time for family members of the victims today.  :(

Title: Re: Remember 9/11
Post by: Alan65 on 12 September 2009, 01:54:03
One of the reasons I love my the USA is that we can survive this and worse; we have in the past and could in the future.  Concepts embedded in our laws like respect for individual liberty cannot be crashed into by terrorists.

In a bizaare irony, I have twin sisters whose birthday is September 11.  Happy birthday, Amy and Beth!

Title: Re: Remember 9/11
Post by: the_13th_redneck on 25 September 2009, 03:43:22
RIP to all who died that day.
Except the hijackers.

America needs not only remember, but LEARN from this event.  Pre-9/11, George W Bush wanted to focus more on the domestic side of government and largely wanted little to do with foreign policy.  That basically turned on its head that one morning.  America needs to learn the world and for its own good, help make the world a little better.  It's like we're living in the same house... we may live in different rooms but the filth from other rooms will find their way into our own.  Not saying America should be some kind of global police or engage everywhere, but should look to build and maintain relationships around the world.  That in itself will go a long way in keeping America safer and Americans as welcome guests anywhere in the world.