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Title: Tiger Ace Otto Carius
Post by: stoffel on 23 July 2009, 22:05:45
Otto Carius

Carius was born in Zweibrucken, Germany on May 27th 1922.
He enlisted the German army in 1940 and saw first combat during operation Barbarossa.
Carius commandeered a panzer 38(t) with 21st regiment of 20th panzerdivision.
After a year of fighting on the eastern front he attended the officercandidate course for the panzertruppen and graduated Cum Laude.

After his graduation he became a leutnant and he got assigned to heavy tank batallion 502 (sPzAbt502) in april 1943 where he got his first Tiger tank.
His first action was in the vicinity of Leningrad.

The next 14 months his unit fought many defensive actions ultimately withdrawing to the Dunaburg sector in Latvia.
Here, he and his crew fought spectacular battles against the soviets.

He was awarded the Oakleaves to the Iron Cross in august 1944.
After that Carius was transferred back to the Paderborn training area in Germany to assume command of 2nd company 512 heavy tank batallion.
He commanded the extra heavy jagdtigers with their famous 128mm gun.
He took part in numerous defensive battles along the Rhine in march and april 1945.

He surrendered to the Americans on April 15th 1945.

Carius was awarded with:
Wound badge in black/silver/gold
Eastern front medal
Armored combat badge in silver (for 100 engagements)
Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class.
Knights Cross to the Iron Cross
Oakleaves to the Knights Cross.

After the war he started working as a pharmacist in his own pharmacy called 'Tiger Apotheke'.

Title: Re: Tiger Ace Otto Carius
Post by: Mad Russian on 24 July 2009, 05:51:42
Carius wrote the book "Tigers in the Mud". For the most part it is a load of Nazi propaganda. Carius is the most pro-Nazi of any author I have yet read about events in the war.

Hans Bolter also served in the s.Pz.Abt. 502 and is third on the Tiger aces list with 139+, right below Carius who had 150+.

My favorite Carius story is where he knocks out a column of unmanned JS-2 tanks on a village street and the Germans award him a medal for it. Could have been the Knight's Cross they gave him for it. I can't remember at the moment.

Good Hunting.


Title: Re: Tiger Ace Otto Carius
Post by: stoffel on 24 July 2009, 17:11:08
LOL, great story MR :)
That should be the engagement on the road to Viski in Latvia .
he claimed to have destroyed 17 tanks there together with Albert kerschler.