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Title: Lieutenant-General Roos in memoriam
Post by: stoffel on 11 June 2010, 21:46:02
On march 8th of this year, Lt-general (b.d) Johannes Gerhardus Roos died at the age of 84.

Roos started his career after the German capitulation on may 5th 1945 with the Stoottroepen regiment.
He became commander of the batallion Stoottroepen in 1971 untill 1972.
He ended his career in 1985 after having been 5 years overall commander in chief of the Royal Dutch army (KL or landforces component nowadays).
Roos was born on 19 april 1926 in the northern small harbortown Harlingen( Provence Friesland).
In 1944 he had to hide because the Germans wanted him( like many other young dutch civilians) to work in Germany.
After the liberation he joined the Dutch army, soon he received his officer training in the UK.
Before he became commander in chief he spent his entire career with the Stoottroepen.
He was an example for his men and well respected.
The classic example of a leader in front of his troops, always willing to help and support good men, but  he could be very tough for lazy and incompetant men.
After his retirement he kept active for the regiment.
He was awarded for his support to the regiment in 2006 by the regiments commander with a unit-citation.
He was buried on 13 march 2010, many of the batallion Stoottroepen former officers, active officers and enlisted men were present at the ceremony in honour of the general.

A great officer passed away, but an old soldier never dies!  :salute:

Title: Re: Lieutenant-General Roos in memoriam
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Title: Re: Lieutenant-General Roos in memoriam
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 Intresting recount, never hd heard of the gentleman.