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Title: Erich von Manstein
Post by: Koen on 8 November 2008, 09:53:19
Erich von Manstein (November 24, 1887–June 9, 1973) served the German military as a lifelong professional soldier. He became one of the most prominent commanders of Nazi Germany's armed forces (Wehrmacht). During World War II he attained the rank of Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) and was held in high esteem by his fellow officers as one of the Wehrmacht's best military minds.

He was the initiator and one of the planners of the Ardennes-offensive alternative in the invasion of France in 1940. He received acclaim from the Nazi-German leadership for the victorious battles of Perekop Isthmus, Kerch, Sevastopol and Kharkov. He commanded the failed relief effort at Stalingrad and the Cherkassy pocket evacuation. He was dismissed from service by Adolf Hitler in March 1944, due to his frequent clashes with Hitler over military strategy.

In 1949, he was brought on trial in Hamburg for war crimes, which convicted him of "Neglecting to protect civilian lives" and for using scorched earth tactics denying vital food supplies to the local population. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison, which was later reduced to 12. Although claiming to not know about the Holocaust, von Manstein nevertheless showed a callous disregard for the plights of Jews, equating partisans and Jews and advocating harsh measures against both. After release from British prison in 1953, he became a military advisor for the West German Government.

Title: Re: Erich von Manstein
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(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H01757_Erich_von_Manstein_zps2aujoeyr.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-H01757_Erich_von_Manstein_zps2aujoeyr.jpg.html)