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Title: 6th panzerdivision
Post by: stoffel on 2 November 2008, 09:56:57
6th Panzer Division

Formed in Wuppertal in octobre 1939.

main units:

Panzergrenadierregiment 4
Motorized infantry regiment 114
Panzerregiment 11
Panzerartilleryregiment 76
Panzeraufklarungsabteilung 6
Panzerengineerbatallion 57
Motorcyclebatallion 6
Flakbatallion 601
Atached to division start of Barbarossa in july 41, Nebelwerferregiment 52

Theatres of Operation

France 1944
Russia 1941-44
Hungary and Austria 1945

Title: Tank Strength of the 6th panzerdivision
Post by: Mad_Russian on 8 November 2008, 08:19:24
Order of Battle 6th Panzer Division at Select Times

10 May 1940
Panzer Regiment 11
PzKw II - 60
PzKw35(t) - 118
PzKw IV (75mm Short) - 31
PzBef35(t) - 14

22 June 1941
Panzer Regiment 11
PzKw II - 47
PzKw35(t) - 155
PzKw IV (75mm Short) - 30
PzBef35(t) - 5
PzBef - 8

1 July 1943
Panzer Regiment 11
PzKw II - 13
PzKwIII (50mm Long) - 34
PzKw III (75mm Short) - 18
PzKw IV (75mm Long) - 32
PzBef - 6
Flammpz - 14

July 1944
Panzer Regiment 11
PzKw IV (75mm Long) - 81
Flakpz IV (37mm) - 8


"Panzer Truppen: The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germany's Tank Force 1933-1942" Volume 1 by Thomas L. Jentz

"Panzer Truppen: The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germany's Tank Force 1943-1945" Volume 2 by Thomas L. Jentz

Title: Re: 6th panzerdivision
Post by: stoffel on 13 April 2011, 16:12:07
Various commanding officers in the 6th panzerdivision at various stages.

June/july 1941 Russia,

General Landgraf, divisional commander.
Colonel Raus, kampfgruppe commander.
Colonel Von Seckendorff, kampfgruppe commander.
Colonel Von Waldendorff, commander 4th motorized infantryregiment.
Colonel Koll, commander panzerregiment 11
Colonel Von Grundherr, commander panzerartilleryregiment 76.
Oberst Von Siebert, commander panzerbatallion II
Oberst Graf, commander artillerybatallion II
Oberst Lehnert, commander panzerengineer batallion 57.
Major Linbrunn, commander of panzeraufklarungsabteilung 57.
Major Roemhildt, commander of  panzerjeagerbatallion 41.
Major Schliekmann, commander of motorcyclebatallion 6 (KIA at Raiseneicounterattack)
Hauptmann Knaust, replaced major Schliekmann.
Hauptmann Boecher commander II batalion 4th infantryregiment.
Hauptmann Quentin, commander of II batallion 114th infantryregiment.
Leutnant Beschke, commander of 6th company (apc) 114th regiment II bn
Leutnant Gebhardt, commander of 3rd company 57 engineerbatallion.
Leutnant Wengenroth, commander of 3rd battery panzerjaegerbatallion 41.

Title: Re: 6th panzerdivision
Post by: stoffel on 16 April 2011, 17:45:39
After the Russian counterattacks in the winter of december 41 to april 42 6th panzerdivision suffered tremendous losses.
When they were taken out of the line in march 42 to refit and retrain in France the division lost about 80% of its soldiers, vehicles, guns and tanks.
On 6 february 1942 there were about 3000 men left with 1 pzIV, 3 pz38 and 5 Stug III's.
The division  fully recovered in France.
When they returned to Russia at the beginning of the winter in 42 it had a new unit, the 6th reconnaissance batallion with 20 Sdkfz 233's.

Units with commanders march till december 1942,

Panzerregiment 11, commanded by colonel Von Huenersdorff.

I bn Major Loewe
II bn Major dr Baeke
8th company leutnant Radzuweit

Panzergrenadierregiment 4

I bn Hauptmann Remlinger
II bn hauptmann Kreis

Panzergrenadierregiment 114 colonel Zollenkopf

I bn Hauptmann Hauschildt
3rd coy Oberleutnant Plettenburg
II bn Hauptmann Kueper
6th company Hauptmann Koch

Panzerjaegerbatallion 41 commanded by Hauptmann Neckenauer, (now equiped with the new PAK40)
1st company led by leutnant Durban
3rd company led by Leutnant Kellelat
2nd platoon Leutnant Misch

Motorcyclebatallion 6 commanded by colonel Unrein

Engineerbatallion 57
1st company led by Leutnant Roessner

Reconnaissancebatallion 6 commanded by major Quentin (sdkfz233)

Artilleryregiment 76, commanded by Colonel Von Grundherr,
I bn (75mm)
6th battery Leutnant Neuhaus
II bn (105mm)
III bn (150mm) colonel Graf
8th battery Hauptmann Hoelzer
9th battery Hauptmann Plecher

Source Panzeroperations, general Raus.