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Title: Israel And The Nature Of Existence
Post by: NewsMan on 7 December 2011, 18:00:22
Israel And The Nature Of Existence

December 7, 2011: The Palestinian ambassador to India gave an interview for Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (the official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority) last month and described the logic behind the PA (Palestinian Authority) attitude towards Israel's right to exist. It works like this. The PA recognizes that Israel exists, but denies that Israel has a right to exist. It has always been the PA position that Israel must be destroyed.

Earlier, other Palestinian officials had described (in Arab language media) the goals of the current peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel as a stage in the process by which Israel would be portrayed as an illegitimate state by the West. The Palestinians compare this process to the one that isolated South Africa in the 1990s. The official Palestinian objective is not to make peace with Israel, but to […]

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Title: Re: Israel And The Nature Of Existence
Post by: FACman on 28 January 2012, 19:31:18
When I read stuff like this, I can only assume that the Palestinians are idiots. Then I read stuff like this... ( , and I can only say I wish for a pox on both their houses.

Title: Re: Israel And The Nature Of Existence
Post by: MontyB on 28 January 2012, 21:47:10
I am not sure I agree, the problem is one of acceptable loss for the Palestinians.

The Palestinians see the whole area as their land that they have lived on for centuries to now accept just the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a state means the forfeiture of a large area that they once owned it would be like the USA losing Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to Mexico then seeing more land slowly annexed and finally accepting a peace deal based based on a nation comprising of Vermont.

Further to this Israel has no real ambition to see a Palestinian state because once borders are set Israel  can no longer expand and when you consider the number of whack jobs in that country who think they should be rebuilding the fantasy of biblical Israel fixed borders would be the kiss of death.

Personally I think the only option is a revised version of the 1967 borders (revised in the form of land swaps to minimise dislocation and to help form a contiguous Palestinian state rather than a series of patches) with Jerusalem being an open UN monitored city and with the long term (very long term) view of forming a single state after a few hundred years of peace (more along the east/west German reunification than the South African one).

However the initial problem is to get both sides to the point that they genuinely want a solution as right now I do not believe either do.