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21  War & Conflicts Discussions / Russian Civil War / Re: US Forces in Russia on: 27 November 2012, 22:13:01

It's been a while since I've found any new postcards showing the Russian Civil War.  Well, the drought is over!  Pictured above is a view of Spasskoe (Spaskoi ?) Siberia, and US military forces.  The caption says it's a "view of the garrison from Copeck Hill."  I certainly don't really see much that is a military camp; I think the garrison refers to the 6-8 soldiers seen. 
22  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 19 November 2012, 07:01:13
I asked a guy on Flickr who posts many, many WWI images of soldiers if he had any id info.  he said the soldiers looked German, possibly Bavarian; he says that German soldiers often decorated their trenches and that mound might indeed be topped with a weathervane to remind the men of home.  I've just noticed the little railing going up and around the mound--almost like it's a miniature model of something.
23  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 16 November 2012, 00:25:31

here are 300dpi scans enlarged to hopefully show more detail.  The top one shows the uniforms better and the bottom one shows that mound with stonework and something on top.
24  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 15 November 2012, 22:04:33
Thanks, Koen and Rattler; I'll be back soon with a higher-res scan to post.
25  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 15 November 2012, 16:32:16

Unidentified photo on postcard of a trench/underground dug-out facility.
I assume this is WWI; I assume it's part of a trench system.  I'm not that good at identifying nationality of soldiers all the time--are these German soldiers?
The two on the left appear to almost have an office space.  There is some stonework built up in the center on top of the pile of dirt and a marker/smoke-stack/weather vane is mounted on top.

Who wants to offer some insight as to time, place, nationality, purpose?  Thanks in advance!
26  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Personalities & Aces / Re: French Minister of Armaments WWI on: 12 November 2012, 21:48:24
Close up on the card itself it looks most like an 'S' with a superscript 's' (with a dot below.)  I know 5^e means 'cinquieme' but not what S^s means for a French abbreviation.  I assume it's some honorific.  Either that or 'super-secret'  whistle
27  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Personalities & Aces / French Minister of Armaments WWI on: 9 November 2012, 18:57:41

Pictured on this postcard is Albert Thomas (1878-1932), French Socialist politician, Secretary of State for War c1916-17.
28  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Anzacs in France on: 8 November 2012, 05:44:14

The back reads: "After several days of hard fighting, this Anzac wearing a Hun helmet, is shaving himself with gusto, using an extemporised mirror."
Kind of an interesting image showing a behind-the-lines scene from the soldiers' down time although it appears staged for the camera to show the folks back home.
29  NCO Club: Off Topic Discussions / The Chambers: Political Discussion Board / Re: Barack... go for it! on: 8 November 2012, 05:22:33
Change, what change...... under Obama the deficit increased with 100% Smiley
Nothing changed  really.

Bush's deficits averaged 291 billion USD/year, adjusted for inflation.
Obama's deficits have averaged 1,323.61 Billion USD/year adjusted for inflation.
Obama's deficits are 4.5 times the size of Bush's.

Of course, the Left blames George Bush for this but the deficits are caused by too much current spending, none of which was initiated by President Bush.
30  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / US Soldier Housing in Europe on: 6 November 2012, 23:59:53

This is the kind of postcard and image that's easy to overlook at 1st and 2nd viewing.  In reading the back, we learn that this is from a US doughboy writing home to Salina Kansas.  He states that it's where he is currently living and that the Rhine River is 2 km. away.  This is a little detail about a typical soldier's life that adds to our understanding of the times.
31  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Pictures & Postcards / Mexican Revolution postcards on: 4 November 2012, 16:38:34

This US-made postcard is captioned "Constitutionalist Soldiers, Mexico"; in the lower left corner is "Max Stein, Chi." [probably Chihuahua, a Mexican state, where he was based.]

These are typical images which would appear in newspapers of the time and postcards would be another way to get the image out and make some money besides. 
To my eye, the machine gun placement is less than ideal in the upper image; wouldn't you have to remove the men with rifles at the front in order to shoot the machine gun?
32  Military Hardware, Gear and Equipment / Ground Equipment / M50A1 'Ontos' US Tank Destroyer on: 1 November 2012, 21:12:07

This postcard shows 3 Ontos, M50A1s, training at Camp Pendleton CA. 
The Ontos was a US tank destroyer used by the US Marine Corps.  It was produced from 1955-57 and in service from '56 to '69.  It mounted 6 106mm recoiless guns, 3 on each side of the turret.  I was surprised to learn that the crew loaded the guns from outside!
some of the barrels had a .50 cal gun mounted with to help aim, not like a tracer round, but the puff of smoke where the aiming round landed told you where the 106mm shell would land.  It appears to have been used against infantry, too, and small wonder--6 x 106mm shells landing around would certainly neutralize/disperse/kill men, trees and buildings.

Besides having to load the guns from outside the tank, only 18 rounds could be carried (on the outside) and it had a high profile given how the guns were mounted.
33  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Pictures & Postcards / Palacio Real--Spanish Guard Units at Royal Palace on: 31 October 2012, 21:58:59

here's a lot of 9 postcards I've recently come across.  They show various Spanish Guard units at the Palacios Real in Madrid.  The units include the Hussars of the Princess unit, Wad-Ras Regt., Saboya Regt., Leon Regt., and the Covandonga Regt.  The images date from the late 1920s/early 1930s.
34  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 7 October 2012, 18:29:02

Artillery caisson, Salonika Greece, WWI.  The back of this postcard has writing on it including a date which looks like "8 Juin 1907" and then someone (later?) wrote "year 1917!".  If 1917, it's obviously WWI; I couldn't really find any reason for a French Artillery unit to be in Greece in 1907.
35  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: German Generals, WWI on: 3 October 2012, 20:26:44

Pictured here is Karl Ludwig d'Elsa, General der Infanterie.  Again from http://home.comcast.net/~jcviser/aok/delsa.htm
"Karl Ludwig d'Elsa 
(01.11.1849 - 20.07.1922)
place of birth:  Dresden, Sachsen  (Saxony)
Königreich Sachsen:  Generaloberst  (Charakter)

Saxon Generaloberst Karl d'Elsa was in command of XIIth Army Corps at the outset of World War One, attached to Hausen's Third Army. In the spring of 1916 he was given command of Army Detachment "A" but was placed on inactive reserve status in early 1917. After the armistice, the allies wanted d'Elsa tried as a war criminal for his alleged role in atrocities committed against Belgian civilians. General d'Elsa also had a son who served during the war as an infantry captain. D'Elsa died on 20 July 1922."

My postcard is different from the one on the above site and he is wearing many more medals in my image than the other as well.
36  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: German Generals, WWI on: 2 October 2012, 19:19:05
Thanks, Monty, for the information.  It's interesting that my postcard image is the one used on jcviser site and wikipedia; must have been his standard studio portrait, perhaps the 'official' German Army portrait.

here's another:

This WWI image of Erich von Ludendorff gives him the title Generalstabschef der Ostarmee (Chief of Staff, Eastern Army).  Of note: he's wearing only one medal in this portrait.
37  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / German Generals, WWI on: 29 September 2012, 18:50:01

This postcard image is a portrait of Maximillian von Laffert (1855-1917), German cavalry general in WWI.  Von Laffert had a heart attack while commanding troops in France was sent back to Germany and died soon thereafter.
38  War & Conflicts Discussions / World War I / Re: Random WWI pictures on: 28 September 2012, 18:09:40

This postcard is kind of random, so I thought I'd put it in this thread.
Pictured above is Hans von Minning, 15-year-old cadet in the Augustaner Guards Regiment, from Germany.  (I think someone may have lied about his age, although 100 years ago, people were generally smaller and less developed!) 
When I put this image up on Flickr, I found another image just like this in the US Library of Congress' Flickr account.  The images are the same but the LoC's has a different caption, a hand-written on the negative caption at the top stating this is the Regiment's 'mascot'.

Great, clear image with nice detail of some of the equipment.
39  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Personalities & Aces / Re: General of Artillery von Kirchbach on: 19 September 2012, 00:16:16
Isn't that a wound badge?

I am wholly unfamiliar with military awards and there is sparse information on the web about him.  If you tell me it is, I'll believe you!
40  War & Conflicts Discussions / Wars & Conflicts: Personalities & Aces / Josias von Heeringen, German General, Prussian Minister of War on: 18 September 2012, 17:01:52

Still from that same lot of postcards I've been sharing here gradually, this is Generaloberst von Heeringen.  Josias von Heeringen (1850-1926) had a long military career which looked like it might end with him serving as Prussia's Minister of War from 1909-1913.  WWI changed that and he commanded the Seventh Army from August 1914 to 1916.  He won the Pour le Merite for his leadership at the Battle of Mulhouse.  He finished out the war serving as a coastal defense commander. After the war he was president of the Kyffhäuserbund, a sort of organization for all German veteran organizations.

He looks very much the part in this image!
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