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Author Topic: Combat Mission compared to Panzer Command  (Read 4232 times)
Mad Russian

« on: 15 November 2008, 03:23:42 »

Combat Mission compared to Panzer Command

Here's a post I put on the Matrix site concerning the differences between CMx1 and PC.

Since a good number of posts early on, in this thread, were by me with questions about the differences let me bring you up to date on what I see now, months later. My last post in this thread was back on March 25th.

Since that time I've gotten both PC:OWS and PC:K. I've played almost constantly in both the CM and PC game systems. I have A LOT of CM commitments that were in place before I decided to buy and support PC.

Here is what I see as a gamer that routinely travels back and forth between the two systems:

1) They are very different systems. Anyone that is looking for a CM clone in PC will be disappointed. This has been pointed out before. It's true. The combat and gaming models are very different.
CM is like a game of chess where you are in control of everything. There is no command structure. You are God and you determine every move for everybody. This is micromanagement down to the lowest degree.
PC is like a team sport. The system isn't so much about micromanaging all your forces. Although the system will allow it, in most cases, it's not necessary.

2) The game impulses are very different. CM is a single 1 minute turn. PC has two 40 second impulses. After playiing PC for a very short time I find that I rarely make a change in the reaction phase (the 2nd 40 second impulse) but play it more like a single 80 second turn.

3) The game interfaces different. At first it was hard to get PC to do what I wanted it to. But once I learned to set the zoom levels and give platoon orders it takes me no time at all to do a turn. In CM I rarely give platoon orders. When I do mass orders in CM I normally get an entire grouping not just a platoon. Both work well. I actually prefer the way PC works in the game at this point. When playing CM I miss more of the PC options.

4) The graphics are better in PC but both are adequate and not why I play the games.

5) The editor in CM beats the PC editor hands down. There is a Map Maker being worked on and it looks very capable even if it will be more complicated than the CM version.

6) Map size again is in CM's favor. 3+ km in some cases to only a 1km square area for PC.

7) Tank combat is good in both games.

8 ) Infantry, engineers and artillery has a better model in CM than PC.

9) Destructible buildings and terrain are available in CM but not PC.

10) Aircraft and AA seem about the same to me.

11) Support for the games is all in PC's favor. Mention that there are issues with the game and the Matrix group will try to do something about it. Now you may not get 100% of what you are looking to get changed but at least you will get discussion with it. Not so with CMx1.

12) Continuing games in the series. PC is growing and CMx1 is not.

13) Back coded games in the series. All PC games have the most current options, graphics and coding. Each CM game is independant and all have somewhat different coding.

14) CM has bases to help track your troops in heavy cover. PC has "floating coins". At first this was an issue for me. I couldn't track my guys well enough in trees. But with the F12 option and getting used to the icons I have no preference as to whether I see colored bases or icons.

Whether you will like one over the other is a question of your gaming styles and what you are looking for.

If you have in the past been an ASL, Close Combat or Combat Mission gamer then you should look at this game series and see if it appeals to you. You may well find it does.

Good Hunting.

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« Reply #1 on: 27 February 2009, 22:28:55 »

I'm a new member here, and I hope my post isn't out of line, but since MR posted his comparison between CM and PC, I thought it might be acceptable.

With the news that CM campaign module is no longer in the works, it should probably be noted that Panzer Command comes with a campaign mode.  The campaign mode is fairly flexible, and can be run a random campaign using particular unit over time, or can be a defined operation, using different units engaged in a specific operation.

Campaigns can also be created, though it's not a trivial undertaking.  The driving files are open for modders, and provides a lot of flexibility.  Campaigns can be designed that use key, historical, or semi-historical engagements that take place at a given time, combined with random campaigns. 

I should add, that I've played CM:BB though not for the past year.  When I was playing more CMBB, I used Robo's Campaign manager for CMBB, though it tended to get a little unwieldy after a while.  This was one thing that attracted me to Panzer Command to start with.  In any event, just thought some of the folks here might be interested. 

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Mad Russian

« Reply #2 on: 28 February 2009, 06:29:57 »

Welcome to the site Rick. No comments are out of order here that don't include personal attacks on members.

Thanks for your insights into the games and their differences.

Lots of gamers are looking for the next Eastern Front tactical game that will play on their machines when CMBB quits.

The PC series may be what many of them are looking for.

Good Hunting.



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« Reply #3 on: 28 February 2009, 16:18:25 »

I'm a new member here, and I hope my post isn't out of line

not at all, we look forward to your personal view on things, WELCOME !
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