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Title: Reactive *Body* Armor !?
Post by: Rattler on 22 March 2009, 09:30:18
Reactive stiffening armor system
Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 6474213

The present invention provides a lightweight reactive armor structure that defeats armor piercing projectiles by providing dynamic stiffening properties to the back of an outer layer. The structure uses a reactive element comprising a reactive material that, upon detonation, provides an amount of support to a back surface of the outer layer effective to delay and/or prevent fracture of the outer layer.


Nice trick, but I would not feel too great wearing a vest filled with explosives like a suicide bomber...!?

DangerWired thinks the same:

The inventors calculate that delaying a bullet by just three microseconds will be enough to increase protection (as measured by the kinetic energy of the bullet) by ten per cent.

And while the armor is described in fairly bland terms – "the reactive element provides an amount of support to the outer layer." But the reactive eleelement is made of "TNT, RDX, Comp-B, Octol, [and] nitromethane." Providing support means "exploding," according to the patent. An additional layer between the explosive and the wearer would prevent injury. Hopefully.

However, only one part of the armor is meant to go off at a time, with "sections that are insulated from one another such that activation of one section will not cause activation of adjacent sections." Smart thinking; presumably, it might be a bit distracting, not to say alarming, to the wearer when they turn into a human fireworks display.


Title: Re: Reactive *Body* Armor !?
Post by: stoffel on 22 March 2009, 13:09:59

I think the chance that all explosives go off the same time is a bit lower than getting killed by an armor piecing 14,5 or 12,7 mm round.(which is normally deadly whereever it hits you)

Title: Re: Reactive *Body* Armor !?
Post by: Mad Russian on 22 March 2009, 15:01:37
Also, of I was wearing it, I would prefer that the armour not explode too much up near the neck area or down near the groin area....just my personal preference.

Good Hunting.


Title: Re: Reactive *Body* Armor !?
Post by: Rattler on 22 March 2009, 22:50:00
probably what they figued, it seems the project is either top secret or not pursuid anymore:

"Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Southwest Research Institute. Work performed for our clients is proprietary, and we are unable to offer comment,"-snip- We were referred to the Army, who were also unable to comment.


Title: Re: Reactive *Body* Armor !?
Post by: the_13th_redneck on 20 September 2009, 13:44:14
Uhh... can I just have some Dragon Skin?