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Title: HALLT-A System Alerts Helos
Post by: Rattler on 25 March 2010, 11:57:21
Interesting concept, a prototype has already been successfully tested and first units are getting equippe with it:

Siskorsky is researching the HALLT-A (Helicopter Alert and Threat Termination-Acoustic) system which will allow helo pilots to warn of bullets in the air (like the systems that warns of missiles) and locate the place where shots were fired from: (
In its development of the hostile-fire system (HALTT-A), the Technology and Innovation group  modified a system, that is used on some Humvees and detects the sonic boom of rounds in flight. “The system gives the pilots the direction and azimuth of incoming rounds so they can make the appropriate evasive maneuver,” -snip-. ...aircraft are being modified right now with the hostile-fire detector before deploying to Afghanistan -snip-

Danger Room has a full article on it, here an excerpt:
The system — called HALTT, for Helicopter Alert and Threat Termination — is a hostile-fire indicator that would give the pilot a warning of attack, and pinpoint its origin. It would work by detecting the distinct acoustic signature (or “crack”) of a bullet as it passes through the air. It would then indicate the shooter’s position.

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Title: Re: HALLT-A System Alerts Helos
Post by: the_13th_redneck on 5 April 2010, 04:32:58
I just wonder with all these things, how will we ever afford to fight a war?