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Title: Task Force Uruzgan: from start till the end
Post by: stoffel on 4 September 2010, 15:40:49
Deployment task force

March-July 2006
Colonel Henk Morsink
Deployment taskforce Staff  1st logistic brigade.


August 2006- january 2007
Colonel Theo Vleugels
Taskforce Staf, 11 th airmobile brigade


February 2007- july 2007
Colonel Hans van Griensven
Taskforce staf, 13 mech brigade


August 2007-januari 2008
Colonel Nico Geerst
Taskforce staf, 11 airmobile brigade


Februari 2008- juli 2008
Colonel Richard van Harskamp
Taskforce staf, 43 mech brigade


August 2008- januari 2009
Colonel Cees Matthijsen
Taskforce staf, 11 airmobile brigade


Februari 2009-juli 2009
Brigade general Tom Middendorp
Taskforce staf, 13 mech brigade


August 2009- januari 2010
Brigadegeneral Marc Van Uhm.
Taskforce staf, 11 th airmobile brigade


Februari 2010-juli 2010
Brigadegeneral Kees Van Den Heuvel
Taskforce staf, 43 mech brigade.

Redeployment taskforce

August 2010-december 2010
Brigadegeneral Jan Broeks
Redeployment taskforce staf OOCL

PRT, Provincial reconstruction teams.
Responsible for contacts with locals, rebuilding and construction.

PRT1 (aug-nov 2006) 42 tankbatallion
PRT2 (dec 06-mr 07) 11 tankbatallion
PRT3 (april-sep 07) 41 armored engineer batallion
PRT4 (okt 07-march 08) 14 fieldartillery
PRT5 (apr-sep 08) 11 armored engineer batallion
PRT6 (okt08- march 09) 101 communication batallion
PRT7 (apr-sep 09) 11 fieldartillery
PRT8 (okt09-march 10) 43 repaircompanie
PRT9 (april 10 -sep 10) 1 CIMIC batallion


TFE1 12  infantrybatallion RvH
TFE2 17 Armored infantrybatallion GFPI
TFE3 42 Armored infantrybatallion RLJ
TFE4 13 infantrybatallion RSPB
TFE5 44 Armored infantrybatallion RIJWF
TFE6 45 Armored infantrybatallion RIOG
TFE7 11 Infantrybatallion airasslt GGJ
TFE8 12 Infantrybatallion airasslt RvH
TFE9 11 tankbatallion RhvS
TFE10 17 Armoredinfantrybatallion GFPI
TFE11 13 Infantrybatallion airasslt RSPB
TFE12 42 Armoredinfantrybatallion RLJ

KIA: Ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Captain Donkervoort F16 pilot, (29)
His plane crashed due to enginefailure august 2006.
Sergeant Dijkstra,
Committed suicide 11 october 2006.
Sergeant first class Donkers, (33)
Accident with PATRIA 6 april 2007.
Corporal Strik, (21)
Killed by IED 20 april 2007.
Privat 1st class Smeehuijzen, (20)
Killed by a carbomb together with 5 Afghan children in Tarion Kowt on 15 june 2007.
Sergeant major Leunissen, (44)
Died in an accident with a mortar during the fightings around Chora on 18 june 2007.
LT 1st class Krist (24)
Died in hospital after being hit by a suicide bomber, 17 Afghans died too on 12 july 2007
Sergeant 1st class Rosier (30)
Hit by an IEd on 26 august 2007.
Private 1st class Hoogland (20)
KIA during a firefight north of Deh Rawood on 20 september 2007.
Corporal Groen (21)
KIA by an IED near Poentjak base on 3 november 2007.
Private 1st class Schol (20)
Corporal Poortema (22)
Both KIA by a friendly fire accident near Deh Rawood on 13 januari 2008.
LT 1st class Van Uhm (23) Lt van Uhm was the son of Dennis van Uhm, commander of the Dutch army, Marc is Dennis brother.
Private 1 st class Schouwink (22)
Both KIA in their recon vehicle by an IED explosion on 18 april 2008.
Private 1st class Ten Brinke, (21)
KIA by an IED near base Qudus in the Baluchivalley on 7 september 2008.
Sergeant Weijdt (24)
KIA during a firefight on 19december 2008.
Private 1st class Chadli (20)
KIA during a rocketattack on camp Holland on 6 april 2009.
Corporal van der Rijdt, (26)
KIA during a firefight on 6 september 2009
Sergeant major Leijsen, (44)
Killed by an IED on 7 september 2009.
Corporal marines Houweling (29)
Marine 1st class Harders, (23)
KIA in their APC due to an IED on 17 april 2010
Corporal 1st class Janzen, (25)
KIA by an IED together with a French captain and an Afghan soldier on 22 may 2010.

Title: Re: Task Force Uruzgan: from start till the end
Post by: horror68 on 5 September 2010, 18:00:32
Hi Stoffel,

It was not Brigadier Marc van Uhm who lost his son 1st Lt Dennis van Uhm, during TFU 7.
Brigadier Marc van Uhm was his Uncle.

The father of Dennis was General Peter van Uhm, Marcs' brother.
General Peter van Uhm just started his 2nd day as commander of the Dutch defenceforce, when he got the horrible news.

Eric (RDTF Uruzgan)

Title: Re: Task Force Uruzgan: from start till the end
Post by: stoffel on 5 September 2010, 18:42:21
Uh, thanks Horror!

What a terrible error from my part, very stupid cause I know this.
Will correct it asap.
What unit were you from?