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Title: Exercises with civil authorities
Post by: stoffel on 8 November 2013, 19:47:56

This week saw some large scale exercises all related to problems with water. (
pictures on this site show al units and the men.11 airmobile brigade tested all its units together with fire department, police, red cross, medical services and local authorities.
All kinds of disasters were set up to train the men.
As allways the biggest importance was coordination and quick response.
In Reeuwijk and Bodegraven 20 NATRES bn supported units of the enigneer corps.
Here some dikes broke, areas were flooded and people were cut off on small islands.
A bus was caught in the flooding and many people found themselves in the water.
Our troops assisted with trucks, boats and medical equipment.
An Apache helo was used to scout for people in the water with its sophisticated sensors.
The same time troops together with police evacuated certain areas of the towns. (
picture: small ferry of the army engineers used to evacuate people.At the town of Korendijk a small boat with 50 people collided with an oiltanker which caught fire.
Here to passengers fell into the water.
Firedepartment units quickley arrived to get the people of the boat all were evacuated to a nearby small island.
Here they found out that the islands power lines were broken by the oiltanker and the entire poulation had to be evacuated.
Unfortunately the collision took place in front of the small harbor.
Army engineers were called upon to send boats to evacuate the people.
Exercises like this were held everywhere.

Title: Re: Exercises with civil authorities
Post by: Rattler on 11 November 2013, 00:36:42
Did you participate and/or shoot the photos?

How did it go? Was it realistic, both in scenario and response? Any glitches worth mentioning, LLs, maybe an AAR?


Title: Re: Exercises with civil authorities
Post by: stoffel on 11 November 2013, 12:38:18
Yes, very realistic.
Off course things went wrong, thats what the civil authorities and firedepartment train for.
We are allways very willing to show them what can go wrong ;-)
But I am not going to argument on mistakes made, simply because that isnt relevant for others to know.
Some of the pictures are mine, most are from police and firedepartment.