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Title: Exercise Borculo 2012.
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Exercise Borculo 2012,

This exercise is a yearly returning event for our CIMIC batallion, the name was given after the exercise was held the first time in a town named Borculo.
CIMIC is a batallion with soldiers and officers of the reserve army, all officers with specific civilian knowledge.
Architects, constructors, doctors, police and firedepartment, engineers,communication experts and much more.
Often , as was the case this time, they are supported by the CIS ( signal and comms bn) and engineers of the army.
This time the event took place in the harbor city of Rotterdam a large city in Waterland a country in northwestern Europe.
The town was hit by flooding and lots of the cities  neighbourhoods were damaged, infrastructure was broken down and chaos ruled the streets.
Because the local government had no communications and no control of the city youth gangs and criminal organisations started luting.
3 factions tried to take over command of the city from the government huge part of the town was polluted with chemical agents caused by damaged industrial sites.
Civil war, chaos and largescale ritoing and luting are imminent dangers.
Many people fled the city.
Therefore Waterland asked help from the UN.

Dutch Cimic and Reservearmy units supported by CIS and combatengineer bns were rushed to the scene to help.
Main tasks:
* Restore communications for the government so police , fire-department and medical services could function again.
* Restore order, disarm local factions and enforce peace in the region (with military force if needed).
* Start preparations for negotiations.
* Asesment of the damage and whats needs to be done.

The exercise lasted 3 days.
My unit served as forceprotection, we were there to guard CIS installations and CIMIC personell as well as support for the police. (
Troops at guard at the Boymans museum toprotect its collection against luting and theft from organized crime. (
Patrolling along the fence of the CIMIC compound in the heart of Rotterdam (author on the right) (
Images of the compound and the men working.

Title: Re: Exercise Borculo 2012.
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In a Zodiac on the Meusse ( Maas) river.
I am in the boat on the rigthern site, sitting in the rear.