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Title: General Tournament Information
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 07:58:38
This tournament came about when I was looking at the number of scenarios on The Scenario Depot II site.

The Scenario Depot II (http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/)

I started looking at the scenarios that had a 10 review rating or higher. By the end of 2007 there were 33 scenarios which had received a 10 or higher rating. What I'll call a Master's Rating.

I contacted the 18 designers of scenarios that had received a Master's Rating and asked if they would be interested in supporting a tournament with a single scenario. Many replied that they would supply a scenario. As always real life issues have adjusted the number of designers that will ultimately end up participating and providing scenarios.

I have no say in what the designers submit. When they tell me the scenario is ready for play I take them at their word. I'm not here to judge their work. The only requirement I put to them was no scenarios over 40 turns long. That would give a file return rate of one per gamer per day for a 40 turn game 60 files per gamer. Or 3 months to complete the game. I expect to give the standard 120 day time period per round. Many of the scenarios I've seen are much shorter than that.

The tournament will be played in rounds of 3 scenarios as long as there are enough scenarios to make that work. Then the remaining scenarios will be put in the final round. Currently I'm not sure how many rounds there will be. That depends on the situations of the designers.

Entrants to the tournament will be required to represent a wargame site. Whether it is exclusively CM or has a CM represented group of gamers doesn't matter.

Those gamers that currently aren't associated with a site can use The Scenario Depot II as their association if they choose.

Scoring will be two fold. There will be points awarded for the winning of games to the site to determine the site with the best CM gamers in the tournament as well as personal points to each individual gamer.

Site Point Awards:
2 points will be awarded each site for a win. 1 point will be awarded each site for a draw.

Personal Point Awards:
Win/Draw/Loss records will be kept for all gamers. Only wins will count towards who the best gamer is during the tournament.

Total point totals will also be kept for each player in the tournament. If there is a tie with wins then the player with the most points will be the winner. These points will be added together then averaged to see which player did the best.

No player will be eliminated from the tournament. All gamers will play all scenarios in the tournament. Only if a player drops out will they not play all scenarios. It will be up to the sites to get a replacement for dropouts. Any player dropping out will record a loss. The winning player will not have a points score recorded for that game. He/she would get a win. The site would get the standard 2 points for the win.

Replacement players will be welcome and all rounds will be password protected so another player could step in if the need arose.

Each site can have as many or as few players as want to enter to play for them. There are multiple CM sites available and if you need a site to join for the tournament contact me and I'll give you the addresses of several of them.

Tournament rounds will consist of however many gamers we have that will sign up. Sign-up starts 1 September 2008 and closes at midnight 10 September 2008. I will assign the gamers for each round and have the starting matchups complete and to all gamers no later than 15 September 2008.

Tournament rounds will consist of each site playing as many games against other sites as possible. For instance, if five sites are represented and one site has eight gamers that site will have two competitions going with the other four sites. In later rounds, different gamers would face opponents from the other sites.

Each round will see different gamers playing each other from the other sites. The whole idea is to get as much interaction between CM sites as possible. I will be the one who decides who plays who. I always do that, in my tournament, by some form of random assignment.

There will be Axis and Allied sub-forums here on this site for basic discussions of scenarios, etc. The designers may well be involved in those discussions.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Good Hunting.


Title: Re: General Tournament Information
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 07:59:32
To sign up for the tournament is simple.

Go the Master's Tournament Sign Up thread in this forum.


Give me the information requested and you will be in the tournament.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.


Title: Questions by DrVonCool
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 08:00:44
Quote from: DrVonCool
May I ask a question, MR?

Elsewhere you wrote that the three scenarios a player will play in parallel won't be all played from the same side, i.e. everyone will be either Axis twice and Allies once or vice versa. How does this fit to having an Axis and an Allied forum?

The forums will be subdivided into scenarios and then password security for entry.

Basically we will have a forum for each scenario that your email will either allow you to post in or not. I don't foresee alot of posting in those forums until after the game is over or near the end. Normally we don't discuss specifics so as not to give spoilers out. That means there is alot of discussion after the smoke has cleared.

Good Hunting.


Title: Club Participation
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 08:02:28
Okay. The tournament is set.

1) We Band of Brothers - 14
2) Appui- Feu - 13
3) Blitz - 11
4) World at War - 7
5) TSD II/TPG - 6
6) Campagnes Combat Mission - 2
7) GS - 2
8.) FGM - 2
9) Gamescape North - 2
10) Battlefront - 1
11) Blowtorchscenarios - 1
12) CMHQ - 1
13)  KG - 1
14) WPC - 1

Total Gamers Signed Up To Date: 64     

Here are the gamers and the clubs they represent in the tournament:

We Band of Brothers
Genearl Mayhem UK
Seany B
von Reichmann
BAR Gunner
Spanish Bombs
Chris the Lion

Cap Dan
AF Baal

Antoni C
Victor Charlie

World at War
Maakt Droog

von Staudt

Campagnes Combat Mission

Bert Blitzkrieg

Gamescape North





Airborne Bob


Thanks to all that have joined the fray!

Good Luck and Good Hunting to you all.


Title: Group A
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 08:06:05
Masters Tournament Matches Are:

Group A         
1) Calibration
2) Genearl Mayhem UK
3) Seany B
4) von Reichmann
6) dapickaxe
7) DrVonCool
8.) FredKors
9) bigmac644
10) badhaggis
11) BAR Gunner
12) Spanish Bombs
13) Chris the Lion
14) TedRam1

15) Tonio
16) William44
17) Le_Fossoyeur
18) Cap Dan
19) AF Baal
20) Jimbo
21) regelbau
22) born2kill
23) Surcouf
24) Xcite
25) saptech
26) Morkern
27) Shagrat

Gamescape North
28) Facit
29) panzerbob

Campagnes Combat Mission
30) Fencig
31) Paroi


Title: Group B
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 08:07:25
Group B

World at War   
1) Geordie   
2) DevilThomas   
3) Standrtnfhr   
4) Tanker   
5) Maakt Droog   
6) [hirr]Leto   
7) Peek   

The Few Good Men
8.) Mikey   
9) Bert Blitzkrieg   

10) GeorgeMc   

11) Marshall666   

12) Mangus2000   
13) jdsu   

14) Airborne Bob   

15) Enzo_Barracuda   
16) son_of_hambone   
17) Paca   
18) Voland   
19) mrbadexample   
20) von Staudt   

21) Antoni C   
22) MeatEtr   
23) Victor Charlie   
24) Fluidwill   
25) ssn651   
26) dakotajudo   
27) Guderian   
29) EricR4B   
30) HerrOberst   
31) Owl   
32) ketonur

Title: Re: General Tournament Information
Post by: Mad_Russian on 10 November 2008, 08:09:19
Masters Tournament Round 1 Matchups

1) Calibration (WeBob) vs Geordie (WaW)   

2) General Mayhem UK (WeBoB) vs Devil Thomas (WaW)   WUD - 52-48,   TBP - 57-43

3) Seany B (WeBob) vs   Standrtnfhr (WaW)

4) von Reichmann (WeBoB) vs Tanker (WaW)

5) CMWARTIME (WeBoB) vs Maakt Droog (WaW)

6) dapickaxe (WeBoB) vs   [hirr]Leto (WaW)

7) DrVonCool (WeBoB) vs   Peek (WaW)

8.) FredKors (WeBoB) vs   Mikey (FGM)

9) bigmac644 (WeBoB) vs   Bert Blitzkrieg (FGM)

10) badhaggis (WeBoB) vs  GeorgeMc (Blowtorchscenarios)

11) BAR Gunner (WeBoB) vs Marshall666 (WPC)

12) Spanish Bombs (WeBoB) vs Mangus2000 (GameSquad)

13) Chris the Lion (WeBoB) vs   jdsu (GameSquad)

14) TedRam1 (WeBoB) vs Airborne Bob (KG)  WUD - 73 - 27 ,   TBP - 85-15

15) Tonio (Appui-feu) vs Enzo_Barracuda (TPG/TSDII)  WUD - 32-68,  TBP - 57-43

16) William44 (Appui-feu) vs son_of_hambone (TPG/TSDII)

17) Le_Fossoyeur (Appui-feu) vs   Paca (TPG/TSDII)

18) Cap Dan (Appui-feu) vs Voland (TPG/TSDII)

19) AF Baal (Appui-feu) vs mrbadexample (TPG/TSDII)

20) Jimbo (Appui-feu) vs von Staudt (TPG/TSDII)

21) regelbau (Appui-feu) vs Antoni C (Bitz)

22) born2kill (Appui-feu) vs MeatEtr (Blitz)

23) Surcouf (Appui-feu) vs Victor Charlie (Blitz)  WUD - 26-74,  TBP - 27-73

24) Xcite (Appui-feu) vs Fluidwill (Blitz)

25) saptech (Appui-feu) vs ssn651 (Blitz)

26) Morkern (Appui-feu) vs dakotajudo (Blitz)

27) Shagrat (Appui-feu) vs Guderian (Blitz)

28) Facit (Gamescape North) vs Huzaar (Blitz)

29) panzerbob (Gamescape North) vs EricR4B (Blitz)

30) Fencig (Campagnes Combat Mission) vs HerrOberst (Blitz)

31) Paroi (Campagnes Combat Mission) vs Owl (Blitz)

32) z-warfare (Battlefront) vs ketonur (CMHQ)


Thunder at Banya Pass - TBP
I Woke Up Dead - WUD
AL- Throne of Glory - Not Scored

Title: Re: General Tournament Information
Post by: Marshall666[WPC] on 7 February 2010, 12:21:36
hi there

do you have any informations when round 4 starts??

Title: Re: General Tournament Information
Post by: stoffel on 7 February 2010, 20:33:10

I am waiting for some results and some players got some extra time.
If I dont get a response I will start with the last round in march.

Title: Re: General Tournament Information
Post by: Marshall666[WPC] on 8 February 2010, 11:02:06
okay.tournament lasts four rounds?!thougt it where more  ;D