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Title: Books: Reibert 1941
Post by: Koen on 22 January 2012, 10:02:10
What can you guys tell me about this book (for sale)?

Reibert 1941 (http://www.2dehands.be/verzamelen/overige-verzamelstukken/leger-oorlog-marine/voor-snelle-beslisser-gereserveerd-111730961.html)

This is the kind of stuff I would like to own: original prints from WWII - historical correct - informative and a good read.....

Title: Re: Reibert 1941
Post by: Mad_Russian on 22 January 2012, 16:58:52
I don't know about this particular book and have no idea as to it's content. Having said that something you said caught my attention.

You said the book was historically correct. While that may be true there is a greater chance that it's not. Many of the books written during the war or shortly afterwards were written with no archival support. They were simply written. Many with a clear propaganda purpose. So, while they are a historical document in their own right they are probably not a very good historical resource if you are looking for specific accurate details of a particular event.

Books written today have the advantage of usually having been researched through original documents such as diaries, after action reports or from a national archive somewhere with original paperwork for references.

Don't not buy a book printed during the war because it may be inaccurate if you are wanting original publications from that time period. But if you are looking for solid historical data you may want to think of buying more recent works on the subject you're researching.

Good Hunting.


Title: Re: Reibert 1941
Post by: Alan65 on 22 January 2012, 19:25:38
Running the title through google translate I get "the teaching service in the army"; is this some sort of regulation book for the German army's regulations/'how-to's'?  In that sense it may be histroically accurate--how they were supposed to wear their uniform, tie a knot, etc.

My concern when buying things like this in person let alone via the 'net is that there's a mildew smell, or hidden deterioration like that.