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Title: Movie: The Longest Day
Post by: Koen on 2 November 2010, 19:23:55
IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056197/)
info: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_%28film%29)

It's hard to think that anyone here on WaT hasn't seen this movie yet....  hihi
I can't make a count of how many times I've seen this one, it has evolved from movie to docu for myself.

When nothing's on TV I put this movie or 'A Bridge Too Far'/'Battle of Britain'/... on TV as background story/music  :clever:

The movie is originally recorded in B/W but most people, like myself, only know/knew, the coloured one. Only when they released the 'D-Day 60th Anniversary Edition' (google '8712626016038') I saw it in B/W for the first time and I must admit I favour the coloured one.
Some Hitchcock movies are better in B/W but this kind of movies are more theatrical and BIG in colour.

(...arggh...haven't got Blu-Ray....yeah...I know....movie-addicted and no Blu-Ray?) The Blu-Ray version is out and I wonder what has changed? Just a cleanup or more?

back to the movie.... before watching the movie you should watch 'the making of'.... it shows the struggle of the director to make it happen...

oh oh oh.... important.... all actors speak THE language! Germans speak German, English and US speak English etc... THE only way to make a correct warmovie!

B/W trailer

Iron Maidens' The Longest Day

Bagpipes and languages

more will follow... there's plenty to talk about concerning this epic-movie  :salute: