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Title: Books: The longest day
Post by: British Tommy on 26 November 2008, 16:06:52
At the moment I'm reading 'the longest day' by Cornelius Ryan. Very well written with lots of small stories from the troops who took part. He describes how the German high command reacted first to the paratroop landings (the Germans were confused by the reports coming in) and how luck played it's part to help the Allies (most of the top commanders were away on the day). Interesting to read about how the landing crafts coped with the rough seas. Quite a few sunk before even reaching the beaches.
Good detail about the condition of the infantry before they even climbed into the landing crafts. Most were suffering from sea sickness and a few had to be stopped from jumping overboard because they were suffering so much. Another point which I found interesting, the troops were crammed into the landing craft so tightly, that when they were sick they threw up on the guy in front of them or down the front of their uniforms. Keep this in mind when the landing crafts dropped the ramp and the German HMG and mortars opened up on them. No wonder they were cut down before they could even get out of the landing craft. On Omaha beach, it was the two ends of the beach which had the heaviest firepower and it was at these two points where the heaviest casualties were taken.
I could go on and on but then it might spoil your reading pleasure  :)
Highly recommended book to read.

Title: Re: The longest day
Post by: Heinrich505 on 27 November 2008, 22:14:32
All of Cornelius Ryan's books are excellent reads.  I have read them all many years ago, and sometimes find myself going back and reading them again.  I am glad you are enjoying The Longest Day .  It is so full of those little details that bring history to life for the reader.  Another author you might look into is Jason Mark.  He has several books published under The Leaping Horseman publishers company.  His research and attention to detail are, in a word, stunning.


Title: Re: The longest day
Post by: British Tommy on 28 November 2008, 21:51:56
Thanks Heinrich505. I have never heard of him but with your recomendation I will pop over to Amazon and see if I can find any of his books  :)

Title: Re: The longest day
Post by: Koen on 28 November 2008, 23:54:25


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