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Title: Books on WW2
Post by: MontyB on 17 April 2012, 05:58:42
I have been given a bunch of old books and I am not quite sure what to make of them but several of them look kind of interesting (I have listed a few of the ones I have browsed but there is probably 30-40 more I haven't made it to yet) does anyone know if they are worth keeping, most of them look like small scale publications but they may have some interesting information.

I already have roughly 200 books on the subject now so space is at a premium and the wife faction takes a major hit every time I buy another so 50 more will probably have me sleeping in the spare room.  :)


Das Reich:
2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich – Drive to Normandy, June 1944 by Philip Vickers.

SS-Das Reich:
The History of the second SS Division 1941-45 by Gregory L Mattson

Russia 1942-1943 by Will Fowler.

Panzer Regiments:
Equipment and Organisation by W.J.K Davies.

Images of Kursk:
Histories Greatest Tank Battle – July 1943 by Nik Cornish.

Panzer Divisions 1944-45
By Pier Paolo Battistelli.

Images of War:
Panzer Divisions At War 1939-1945 by Ian Baxter.

D-Day To Berlin:
Armour Camoflage and Markings of the United States, British and German Armies June 1944 to May 1945 by Terence Wise.

German Armour and Special Units in WWII by Waldemar Trojca.

Panzers At War by A.J. Barker.

Panzer Divisions:
The Eastern Front 1941-43 by Pier Paolo Battistelli.

The PzKpfw V Panther by Bryan Perrett and David E Smith.

Panzer Colors III:
Markings of the German Panzer Forces 1939-45 by Bruce Culver.

Panzer IV in Action by Bruce Culver and Don Greer

Panzers in Italy 1943-1945 by Tom Cockle.

Kursk The German View translated by Steven H Newton.

Eight Stars to Victory:
A History of the Veteran Ninth US Infantry Division by Joseph B Mittelman

Title: Re: Books on WW2
Post by: Mad_Russian on 7 May 2012, 14:29:09
Most of those books listed seem to be general information. With the ones that are specific seemingly aimed at modeling.

Good Hunting.