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Title: Attn ALL: Photos - Optimize!
Post by: TechAdmin on 24 September 2009, 18:04:05
Yesterday I looked at a thread with lots of pictures off a mobile login, and....: Loading time was incredible, 15 minutes per page, the gentleman who was looking for pix here lost patience and never saw them...

So, today looked at some of the images posted, and now I am not surprised anymore: We have pix in this thread that are 200 or 300 k big each (personally I always try to not come over 70k for 800x400 size we are using).

Please, folks, if you know how to do it, optimize your file sizes of pictures down! The people with access to the net with a connectioin from a mobile will be greatful.

There are a lot of free software out there to do the optimization for you, also you can use online optimizers like these ones:

http://www.sitereportcard.com/imagereducer.php (http://www.sitereportcard.com/imagereducer.php)
http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/imageoptimizer/ (http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/imageoptimizer/)

General Information about Photo Optimization:

http://www.aksi.net/optimizing-images.htm (http://www.aksi.net/optimizing-images.htm)
http://www.1stsitefree.com/reduce-down3.htm (http://www.1stsitefree.com/reduce-down3.htm)

Software: http://www.fileguru.com/downloads/optimize_pc (http://www.fileguru.com/downloads/optimize_pc)

For the people who do not know how to optimize pictures, I have a temporary solution: I will create a "photo inbox" where you can leave your pictures and I will do the optimization so that they can use it in posts.

An example:

This pic, posted in one of our threads, has 265kb file size:


Now, using the first online optimizer from above, it was easily reduced to 88kb file size, that is a third of the size (and a third of the loading time) and that at still acceptable quality:


Just FYI,