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YANKEE : Y in NATO alphabet
YPR: light tracked armored vehicle in Dutch army, based on a modified M113. comes in several versions, first prototype build in 1968.first vehicle in use 1980.
YPR-pri: tracked armored infantryfighting vehicle with 25mm Oerlikon canon.
YPR-prat: tracked armored fighting vehicle with twin TOW ATGM launcher.

Navy Hull designations

YAG: Miscellaneous Auxiliary
YAGR: Ocena Station Radar Ship
YDG: Degaussing Ship
YF: Covered Lighter
YFD: Yard Floating Dry Dock
YH: Ambulance Boat
YMS: Motor Mine Sweeper
YN: Net Tender (boom)
YNg: Net Tender (gate vessel)
YO:  Fuel Oil Barge
YP: Patrol Craft
YR: Floating Workshop
YRBM: Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge
YT: Harbor Tug
YTB: Large Harbor Tug
YTM: Medium Harbor Tug