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Title: WWII German Small Arms: StG 44
Post by: stoffel on 4 December 2014, 14:30:42
(http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk307/minimischutter/th_sturmgew44_zpse8847698.jpg) (http://s283.photobucket.com/user/minimischutter/media/sturmgew44_zpse8847698.jpg.html)StG 44 or sturmgewehr 44.

Development started in 1943 with production soon to follow.
This weapon was a revolution small arms design, the fore runner for the modern assaultrifle.
It was well loved by the German infantry man and many allied soldiers would abandone their weapons for one of these rifles.
The Russian AK47 is a direct copy of it.

In 1944 the rifle was produced with a rate of 5000 pieces a month.
Manufactured by: Haenel, Mauser and Erma.
Rate of fire: 500 per minute
Calibre: 7,92 mm with a special shorter round weighing 2/3rd of the standard 7.92mm
Effective combatrange: 400 meters.
Velocity: 700 meters per second
Weight: 5,2 kg loaded with 30 round magazine.