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Title: Stalingrad Railroad Station
Post by: Alan65 on 30 November 2008, 04:24:22
After the Advanced Squad Leader historical module, Valor of the Guards, came out, I was excited to find this image of the railway staion in Stalingrad around which the fighting of the game is situated.  This structure was destroyed in WWII.

Title: Re: Stalingrad Railroad Station
Post by: Heinrich505 on 10 December 2008, 06:31:33
  I practically lived ASL, and had the historical module Red Barrikades and the two covering the Battle of the Bulge, but wasn't aware that other modules had been published.  This module you mention....Valor of the Guards.  What part of the battle in Stalingrad did it cover?

  I drifted away as computer games started taking over and Avalon Hill collapsed.  I still haven't gotten over that.  When CM appeared, it was impossible to go back to cardboard squares.  All the drama that I used my imagination for while rushing Lt. Hamblen and his squads across fields of rubble on a flat mapboard were replaced by the visual drama of watching virtual soldiers act out what I had previously imagined.  I was spoiled by the miniatures in action, before my very eyes.

  Very nice image. 


Title: Re: Stalingrad Railroad Station
Post by: Alan65 on 14 December 2008, 20:00:13
Thanks for the praise of the photo!  I, too, used to 'live' ASL but real-life and an aging board war-game community has curtailed my ASL time.  And I haven't been bitten by the computer gaming bug yet.

Here's a link to the Historical module at Multi-ManPublishing's (the current distributor and developer of The Game--Hasbro owns the rights and licenses them out) site http://www.multimanpublishing.com/ASL/prodvotg.php

from MMP's rules section on Valor of the Guards, p. V8, this picture shows the station burning in the background while a statue of happier times stands in mute testament.

For all of you ASLers--past, present and future!--a small portion of the map for Valor of the Guards depicting the railroad station in question.

Title: Re: Stalingrad Railroad Station
Post by: Heinrich505 on 14 December 2008, 22:03:28
  I got your PM.  I had always wondered which building was behind that amazing shot of the statue of dancing children around an alligator or crocodile (never can remember which).  You have answered my question.  Excellent.  The addition of the ASL board is great.  Brings back such memories.  I gather the statue is in hex I38, and provides a +1 terrain modifier to small arms fire, while acting as a partial LOS block if the string touches any part of the statue......oh man, how easily one falls back into the ASL mind set, ha ha.     ;D

  Watch out that you don't get bitten by CMBB and CMAK too much.  They are quite addictive.  I spend a lot of time playing scenarios and doing AARs with photos to go with them.  Quite a few ASL scenarios have shown up as CM battles, and they really capture the flavor of the cardboard battles, with the added - somewhat amazing - touch of miniatures in 3D tectures.  I am quite floored by the action of the vitual soldiers.

  Thanks for your pictures.  They are really cool.  So is the link to the Valor of the Guards Module.  Very nice.