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Title: UK Propaganda, Support from Colonies
Post by: Alan65 on 31 August 2012, 19:40:31
Can you read what is in the lion's mane?  The lion represents Great Britain.  In his mane, from top to bottom, one sees Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, African Colonies.  The caption says "The Glory of a Lion is his Mane" -- Britain was proud of the colonies but also realized the importance of colonial support for the war effort.

There's an interesting message on the back which reads in part: "Horncastle Nov. 8th 1914  What do you think of the mane? Is it not clever? We have got a Red Cross Hospital fitted up here in our drill hall, and about 30 of the wounded here.  I went to visit them yesterday.  Oh, this war is terrible.  The loss of life is dreadful to contemplate.  We are all praying that it may soon come to an end and that peace may be established. Glad to hear that you are all well; am pleased to say I am throughout the disquieting circumstances through which we are passing.  Best luck to you all, your loving Auntie"

3 months into the war, this woman had no idea they were in for 4 mores years.