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Title: What is this Board about?... (& some Rules)
Post by: Rattler on 23 July 2009, 17:15:41
This board has been inspired by a serious of articles that I have been following for some years in the Spanish daily newspaper "El Mundo": On their last page they feature "El Zoo Del Siglo XXI" where one of their journalists presents a person or personality that he finds worth mentioning: Normal, weird, freaky, boring, whatever.

Over the years this for me, as reader, has created a kind of pattern about what this planet is made of, how the human species ticks, why things works and fail the way they work and fail, and maybe has lifted just a little bit the veil from the answer why we all are here (and why some have to go in the most inopportune moments, e.g.).

We will endeavour to do something similar here (and I will personally transport a lot in here from El Mundo, but also from other sources).

This board is about posting articles about persons.  *Strictly* persons.  (I will moderate fairly hard in this respect and move topics that do not fall into this category to another place w/o further announcement).

As this is a zoo, we have our exhibits displayed along the same layout: Topic titles should start with an exhibit number, the name(s) of the exhibited person(s), and a descriptive headline (example: "Exhibit #2009: Rattler - TechAdmin at WaT" - not a good example, I know...  hihi).

Again, I will keep an eye on conformity of topic headlines as moderator and modify them where necessary w/o any further announcement.

With citing external sources verbally, we might run into some copyright issues, I will keep an eye and will advise the author of a topic when he has to change something. Generally, if you use snips (i.e. not more than a portion, 50% IIRC of an original article) and cite sources, we should be fine. Translations *you made* should also be fine, commenting within the article also helps.


Title: Re: What is this Board about?... (& some Rules)
Post by: Rattler on 17 December 2009, 22:29:03
Bumping this topic, just as a reminder.