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Title: WaT Zoo Exhibit #2: Zac Sunderland - Around the World w/ a Mobile and a Gun
Post by: Rattler on 23 July 2009, 17:27:32
Zac Sunderland, USA, 1991 born in Redondo Beach, Callifornia to a sailor family (his first living place was a boat...) with 17 yrs this week became the youngest person ever to go around the world in a one hand sailing boat.

Took him 13 month (+4 days) in total, completely alone:

He started out in Marina del Rey, California, on JUN 16, 2008, when he was only 16 yrs old. Now, after having crossed 3 oceans, having sailed more than 38.000 km on board of his Islander by the mane of "Intrepid", he came back to where he left from last Thursday.

During this time he faced and overcame all kind of troubles: Plenty of breakdowns that he had to repair by himself, the heaviest repair cycle had him w/o sleep for 60 hours... He managed to face all those challenges thanks to the verbal guidance he received from various people through a phone he carried with him.

This said, his most terrifying experience was when a pirate vessel attempted to board him in the Indian Ocean but he could fend them off with a gun.

"I think society only expects youngsters to go to college, play footbal or similar stuff. But they are cabable of much more, with strong ambition and will power"

To get an idea of the magnitude of the challenge: Only 250 persons ever managed to go around the world solo, compared to 200 that just this year climbed the Everest...

GJ, young man!




And a selfmade vid:

Zac Sunderland: An Introduction. (

(Partially based on an article in "El Mundo" of today by R. González, Washington)