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Title: WaT Zoo Exhibit #10: James Cap - Hunter On Wheels
Post by: Rattler on 15 December 2009, 20:00:31
After 30 years finally James Cap can again pursue his greatest passion - hunting - after a judge granted his right to use firearms after a fierce legal battle. His case is not one of the standard ones, and that is why the intervention of a dudge was necessary: James Cap is tetraplegic, from the neck down, cnnot move neither arms nor legs.

Cap, 46 yrs old, remembers perfectly the day that he fired his last shot, 30 yrs ago: NOV 3, 1979, and then the next day changed his life. Playing American football he collided arkwardly with an oppnent, and was left with this irreverible lesion.

Now he can shoot again, using a blow pipe to direct the gun that is mounted to his wheelchair to aim and fire.

"I am out of words", declared Cap when he got knowledge of the verdict, "I am so happy! When you find out that you can go back to taking up something you did 30 years ago, that´s priceless. Some people might think it´s not a great deal, but get yourself paralyzed for 30 years and then we talk again!"

In his 2 and a half year long legal battle he was supported by the NRA. Vanessa Warner, director in the department of the NRA that deals with invalid people affirms that she gets many requests every week from people with porblems about their right to bear and use arms. Many discapacitated people do not go hunting or target shooting because they do not know about the latest advances of technology that allow to manipulate arms from a distance.

Cap himself stumbled over it by chance when surfing the net: A company of Indiana manufactured wheelchairs that are designed to incorporate a rifle. They cost around 1500 USD, and they sell about 20 every year.

The only thing James Cap is sad about now is that his late father - a passionate hunter himself who introduced his son to the art - can not see him shooting anymore.



Title: Re: WaT Zoo Exhibit #10: James Cap - Hunter On Wheels
Post by: Jilly on 15 December 2009, 22:19:18
Have to give him credit.  It's admirable that even with all he faces he has found a way to do something that he loves so much.