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Title: Videos and the "noembed" tag
Post by: TechAdmin on 9 November 2011, 21:50:34
Here at WaT - within certain quantitive limits (3 per post, 30 per page) - we feature the direct embedding of videos into posts, messages, even senctences by just typing the link to them. This, in some cases, can be annoying:

Sometimes you just want to mention a link to a certain video as a source reference or a pointer, but, alas: Instead of the link you wanted to write the whole video appears in the middle of your sentence. Or, you want to advise in the shoutbox on our front page, but the asppearing embedded video makes all other shouts invisible, etc.

For those cases, we have implemented since long (but, my fault, not officially documented) the "noembed" BBC code tag. Adding it before and avter a link to a video results in the video not being displayed (embedded) but preserves the link, just what you want for the cases mentioned above.

The syntax for the "noembed" tag - similar to all other BBC code - looks like follows (have to display it as a graphic, in writing even if put into code tags it wont display):


Use this, e.g. to post a link in a sentence (where you dont want the video to show as you are just referring to it) or in the shoutbox.


Title: Re: Videos and the "noembed" tag
Post by: Administrative Co-Worker on 9 November 2011, 22:58:04