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Title: How-To: ...post an Event or a Birthday to the Calendar
Post by: TechAdmin on 22 July 2009, 16:17:06
1. Introduction:

Birthdays and Events are two distinct things:

- Birthdays in terms we are talking about here are posted automatically by the forum software as result of an evaluation of the birth date entries in the members profiles.  Users have no influence on these entries (if you, e.g. want to post the birthday of your girlfriend you would have to make this an "Event", see below).

- Events in terms we are talking about here are any other entries to the calendar made by a user. Events can be (but do not have to be!) associated with a post in the forum (> Section "7: Non-Military Discussions & Info " >> Board "Posts Related to Calendar Entries"). If an Event or a Birthday is associated with a post/thread in the fourm, it will be transformed into a link to this post from the calendar, just click on it and you go to the associated post.

Both Birthdays as well as Events are displayed in the "Info Center" at the bottom of the "Forum" view, with different colors that tell you different things (see picture below):


If enough relevant entries in the calendar are present, they will be presented i three lines:

- Upcoming Birthday: This is a 1-5 days announcement made by the forum software to alert to an upcoming birthday (to give you time to get the dough for the Ferrari you want to make as a present off your bank account :) ). Clicking on the displayed member name leads to his/her profile.

- Today´s Events: What it says, presented either navy color (Means there is no post associated, not clickable) or lime green (means a post is associated to the event, clicking on the event leads to the post)

- Upcoming Events: 1-5 days anouncement for upcoming events. Events in this line are either presented navy color (means a post is associated, clicking on the event will lead you to the post in question) or lime green (means no post associated, not clickable)

Now, if you look at the picture again, you will NOTE some little red stars * in front of each event: Clicking on the star will allow you to edit the event (move his date, associate another post, etc.) if you have the permission to do so.

2. How to post an Event (and optionally) associate a post

Step 1: Click on the "Calendar" tab in the row of buttons (tabs) right under the "Welcome to War & Tactics" header at the top of each page. The calendar will open, it looks like this:


I trust the picture is quite self explanatory, click either on a Date or on "Post Event" to post an event, change months in the footer line.

Step 2: Doing either of this will bring up a dialogue box where you can enter all relevant data about your event, it looks like this:


Again, this picture should be self explanatory.

If you uncheck the "Link Event to Post" check box, you are done, hitting "Post" will - surprise, surprise! - post your event to the calendar with the data you specified. You can edit the event later by clicking on it in the calendar or by clicking on the little red star * in the events display in the forum view.

If you chose to associate a post to the event, mae sure you a) have all data filled in and b) selected where you want to post to from the pop up menu. THe moment you do that, you will be lead to...

Step 3: Associating a Post to the Event.

A new dialogue box will pop up where you can enter your post´s subject and content, it looks like this:


Again, pretty straightforward and self explanatory.

NOTE you can edit all the previously entered data also in this dialogue box, you can preview, add attachments or smileys like in any other normal post.

Once you hit submit, your event will be posted to the calendar and be linked to your post. You can edit both post and event any time later.

Hope this How-To is of hep, if you have any doubts or questions do not hesitate to ask them here: http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/index.php?topic=777.0 (http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/index.php?topic=777.0)


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