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Title: How-to play Chess on WaT
Post by: TechAdmin on 30 January 2011, 22:27:08
At WaT you can play chess with other users, both live (both players online) as well as PBM (only one player online, players move when they are online).

There are two ways to access the chess area on WaT:

1. By using the "Chess" Button in the Button menu of WaT:


2. Directly from the portal chess box on the right:


Using the Button you will come to your personal chess page, from where you can effect all actions you have available, like challenging a specific user, opening a unspecific challenge (Quickmatch), check on ongoing matches or the match archive or change your settings (effects when moving a piece, board colors, or the type of chess pieces you play with):


Under the challenge tab you again have two options:

1. Chalenge someone specifically by typing the user name into the challenge field (and hitting "Enter"... this is a bit non-intuitive), or

2. Create a "Quickmatch" (a unspecific challenge for everybody to join)

Of course you can join any other open challenge you might find.


The actual game play is fairly intuitive: You move through drag-and-drop, and when your opponent is not online he will automatically be informed via PM of your move. When he moves while you are not online you will then receive a PM that informes you that he moved and a link to the match in question.




Title: Re: How-to play Chess on WaT
Post by: Koen on 31 January 2011, 07:30:05
nice one... THE classic wargame at WaT