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Title: testplayer needed for CMAK scenarios!!!!
Post by: Sempai on 8 February 2009, 18:45:24
Hello Comrades, I have prepared two fictional CMAK-scenarios. Both are placed on the Rhine-area and attacks on german emplacements. The intros aren´t well because I´m not a crack in the english-language. Both are single-player-battles.

RHEIN 1945 - American infantry and tanks trying to take a town-edge and after this to destroy a heavy AA-emplacement.
RHEINFESTUNG - American special forces/paratroopers have to overmaster the bunker-line Rheinfestung or the task-force of Major Harrison will blast away and the attack on St.Heinen would failing.

All criticism and advices can send to my mail-adress: freeman1976@gmx.de Please don´t forget to write something of CM or scenario-testing in the title. In other case I´ve to delete it without reading.



ATTN: Had to mod this post, as the attachments were missing. Sempai was alerted by me by email but did not re-attach them for the last 2 month. Attachments in question deleted: RHEIN 1945.cmg (14.73 KB - downloaded 12 times.) and RHEINFESTUNG.cmg (17.91 KB - downloaded 7 times.) TechAdmin

Title: Re: testplayer needed for CMAK scenarios!!!!
Post by: Koen on 24 August 2009, 13:07:43
hey, do you still need comments?

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