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Title: Spain terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 17 August 2017, 22:49:18
Another terrorist attack in Europe, this time in Spain.

Ramblas, Barcelona.
A terrorist drove his white van into crowds of people walking along the stores and restaurants.
13 people killed and 100 wounded, 42 of them with light injuries, 24 with serious wounds, among them were children.
3 Dutch residants were wounded, a 16 year old girl broke both legs, the victims were from 24 different nationalities among the dead are Spanish and German tourists, a Belgium woman and a little girl aged 3.
After his cowardly attack the driver fled the scene, he is still on the run.
Another was shot dead later in the evening after he tried to escape a police checkpoint.
But before he was shot he managed to hit 3 officers with his car.
Another suspect was arrested in Vic. He was the man who hired 2 vans. He is a brother of the attacker in Ramblas, Barcelona.
According to the police two other people have been arrested as well.
Both brothers are Moroccans, and both have spent time in jail.
IS has claimed responsibility.

Title: Re: Spain terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 18 August 2017, 10:23:10
Another attack in Cambrills.

5 terrorists drove away from a police roadblock.
After entering the town they head for the crowdy promenade driving an Audi A3.
Once there they hit a policecar injuring the 2 officers inside.
Once out of the car they stabbed people with knives, they all wore fake bombs around their body.
Police reacted fast, all terrorists were shot dead.
6 people were wounded, 2 seriously. 1 of them died this morning in hospital.

Title: Re: Spain terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 18 August 2017, 10:26:21

A heavy explosion destroyed a house in that town.
3 men were in the house.
2 of them died in the blast the other is taken into custody by the police, one of the man who died is according to the police an Imam from Ripoll.
A spokesman said they were suspected of making bombs.
All three incidents are related according to that spokesman.
Police now speaks of 11 suspects in total.
They all came from Ripoll 100 km from Barcelona.
The original plan was to fill 3 vans with gascontainers and to blow them up.
Their main target was supposed to be the famous Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.
The explosion in the house changed this and so they decided to use the vans as murderweapons.
The Morroccan who drove into people at Ramblas was shot dead by police today.
In total the police killed 9 and arrested the other 3 of this 12 man cel.

Title: Re: Spain terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 20 August 2018, 10:45:28


Policeofficers shot a man armed with a knive who entered a policestation in Cornella.
He shouted Allah Akbar according to the police.
The officers tried to disarm the man but failed to do so, when he remained agressive they shot the man.
He was a 29 year old male off Algerian origine, he was just divorced from his Spanish wife.
The investigation now is focussing on the probability that the man had others helping him.
The attack came a year after the incident at Barcelona and Cambrill.