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Title: Austria terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 8 March 2018, 18:18:12
Police said four people were injured Wednesday in two separate knife attacks about 30 minutes apart in central Vienna, Austria.
Three victims were injured in the first attack outside a restaurant near the Nestroyplatz subway station, a police spokesman told CNN. The victims were a couple and their daughter, CNN affiliate ORF reported.
The fourth victim was injured in the second attack at Praterstern, a major city square, the spokesman said. Authorities are investigating whether the incidents are linked, the spokesman said.
An “Afghan male” was arrested in connection with the attack in Praterstern, Vienna police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told CNN. The suspect stabbed a Chechen national, causing life-threatening injuries, Maierhofer said.

Title: Re: Austria terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 12 March 2018, 09:13:35
Another attack, today.

At the Iranian embassadors home in Vienna soldiers shot a man wielding a knife.
The man attacked the soldiers and stabbed one in the arm.
The soldier used pepperspray first to no revail, when the attacker did not stop he shot him dead.
The wounded soldier lost a lot of blood and was rushed to the hospital.
The attack came shortly after the Austrian government ordered extra security measures for embassies in the capital.

Title: Re: Austria terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 27 March 2019, 13:59:07
In Vienna, police arrested a 42 year old Iraqi citizen on suspicion of terrorism in Germany
The man living in Vienna over 20 years and has Daesh symphaties.
He is suspected of 3 sabotage attempts at the German high speed rail network.
In octobre last year he hung a steel cable over the rails between Munich and Nurnberg.
In December 18 he destroyed a part of the electric cables around Berlin.
And his last attempt was in februari when he laid concrete blocks on the rails at Dortmund.
All sabotage acts were discovered on time an nobody was hurt.
He was caught because the Daesh writings lead the police to him.


Title: Re: Austria terror attack
Post by: stoffel on 2 November 2020, 21:14:58

In the towncentre was an attack against near the Synagoge.
At least 1 attacker shot at people randomly, 17 were wounded 4 people died from their wounds.
The attacker a 20 year old Macedonian was allready convicted before.
Het got out of jail after 4 months (of his 2 year sentence) by fooling a commission that had to judge aboiut his motives and if he was "cured".
It proves again that jail time does not work against terrorists.
A police officer is among the seriously wounded.
The attacker was killed, 14 people were arrested arrested and investigations are going on.
More and more details leaking to the press.
Of the 14 arrested 7 have been jailed for terrorist activities. Again this proves putting them in jail does not work!
The attacker tried to buy ammo in Slavakia, the Austrian security services were warned about it, nobody acted.