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Title: Operation Scotland Vietnam 1967 - 1968
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Operation Scotland

US Military Operation in Vietnam.

1 November 67- 31 March 68

3rd Marine Division operation in westernmost area of Quang Tri Province, centered in the Khe Sanh combat base area. 

The operation terminates with commencement of PEGASUS.

The Marine Corps casualty reporting system was based on named operations and not geographic location. Consequently, and unknown at the time, Operation Scotland became the starting point of the Battle of Khe Sanh in terms of Marine casualty reporting.

By the middle of January 1968, some 6,000 Marines and Army troops occupied the Khe Sanh Combat Base; and its surrounding positions. Khe Sanh was situated on Route 9, the major east-west highway in the northern most province of South Vietnam. Because of washed-out bridges and heavy enemy activity, however, the only way for Americans to get to Khe Sanh was by helicopter or airplane.

During the darkness of January 20-21, the NVA launched a series of coordinated attacks against American positions. At 0330 hours, soldiers of the  6th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 325C NVA Division, attacked the Marines on Hill 861. About two hours later, an NVA artillery barrage scored a hit on the main ammunition dump at the Khe Sanh Combat Base. At about 0640 hours the 7th Battalion, 66th Regiment, 304th NVA Division, attacked the Huong Hoa District headquarters in Khe Sanh village. This fighting was heavy, involving South Vietnamese militia as well as U.S. Army MACV advisers and Marines attached to a Combined Action Company platoon. That afternoon, as a rescue force was dispatched to the village.
The Marine defense of Khe Sanh, Operation Scotland, officially ended on March 31.

VC/NVA KIA's: 1,561
US KIA's: ??

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