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Title: Operation Scotland II Vietnam 1968-1969
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Operation Scotland II

US Military Operation in Vietnam.

15 April 1968 - 28 February 1969

1st Marine Division operation centered on the Khe Sanh area of Quang Tri Province.

On April 15, Operation Pegasus ended and Operation Scotland II began. The Marines at Khe Sanh Combat Base broke out of their perimeter and began attacking the North Vietnamese in the surrounding area. The Army 1st Air Cavalry Division, with over 400 helicopters under its control, conducted airmobile operations deeper into enemy controlled areas. The fighting was heavy. An additional 413 Marines were killed during Scotland II through the end of June 1968. Operation Scotland II lasted until the end of the year, resulting in the deaths of 72 additional Marines. None of the deaths associated with Scotland II are included in the official body count

VC/NVA KIA's: 3,304 KIAs, 64 POWs
US KIA's: 435 KIA, 2,396 WIA

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