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Title: Operation Resolved To Win Vietnam 1968
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Operation Resolved To Win

US Military Operation in Vietnam.

18 March - 15 April 1968
The 25th Inf Div started Operation Resolved To Win, called the biggest military operation of the war at that time in Cu Chi. The 25th, a key unit in the drive, is joined with two other U.S. divisions and a number of Vietnamese troops.

The operation is sweeping from Saigon west, toward the Cambodian border.

25th Inf Div sweeping through the long-time Communist stronghold of the Ho Bo Woods northwest of Saigon in Operation "Resolved to Win" Saturday found 12 Communist 122 millimeter rockets in a cache near the Saigon River. In the same area the GI's from the 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, located close to 200 rounds of 82 mm mortar ammunition and almost 100 rifles and submachine guns.
The division is participating in the operation, called by its Vietnamese name of Quyet Thang, along with units of the U.S. 1st and 9th Divisions and Vietnamese soldiers.  There are a total of some 50 battalions in all.

VC/NVA KIA's: 7,645 for the entire operation
US KIA's: 172 for the 25th Infantry Division only.

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