Operation Beacon Hill Vietnam 1967


Operation Beacon Hill

US Military Operation in Vietnam.

20 March - 3 April 1967
3rd Marine Division operation in Quang Tri Province
VC NVA KIA's: 334
U.S. KIA's: 16

Primary Sources:

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Tidbits to add:

In this operation the Special Landing Force (SLF) made an amphibious landing near Gio Linh in norther I Corps as a coordianted effort with PRAIRIE III (who were thinly spread out over a large area) in order to ensure that the Mrine base there was not overrun. The landing force stayed in contact with the NVA from the MAR 21 until the MAR 26.

Other sources term the end of Operation Beacon Hill as April 1:


On 28 March, BLT 1/4 shifted to the operational control of the 3d Marines and occupied a blocking position 1,300 meters south of the Con Thien perimeter in support of a 3d Marines attack. This was the last phase of Beacon Hill and the operation ended on 1 April.

Dubbing it ongoing until April 7 seems slightly exaggerated to me, what was that based on?


Many times operation start and stop dates have different times for different levels of units participating. They don't always agree with each other.

The sources I quoted show the dates for the operation I show. Anyone that does much historical research will find that there are seldom absolutes when discussing military operations or units. It doesn't surprise me to find at least one other set of dates for the operation. I would actually be surprised if it's not possible to find even more dates than those shown by my post; or in yours.

Actually it was easy to find another set of dates for the operation:

Beacon Hill I Quang Tri Province -
northeast of Dong Ha
3/20/1967 - 3/31/1967


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