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Title: Moin!
Post by: decade on 2 September 2017, 13:28:26
Vielleicht ist diese Frage ziemlich dumm, aber trotzdem: spricht man auch Deutsch hier oder nur bespricht nur die (https://passionplay-de.com/) deutschen Kriegszeitdinge?  ???

Title: Re: Moin!
Post by: S-1 on 2 September 2017, 15:49:21
Welcome Decade,

Only English is allowed (and yes I speak German)
I have some questions for you .
First, whats your intention, do you want to add a serious contribution or not?
Second, there is conflicting information from Honeypot, you are listed of being in the Netherlands but you say Carlstadt.
Also some suspicious data about your ip number.

Short explanation,
It was the intention when we started to fill the site with info about every war.
Unfortunately the guys who did the allied stuff quit.
My interest lays with armor and yes specially German armor.
Overall there is plenty of data to find here.

So its up to you.
Answer my questions and behave or leave please.