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Title: Deutsche Wochenschau
Post by: Koen on 6 July 2009, 08:11:18
http://nsl-archiv.info/Filme/Deutsche-Wochenschauen/heil.php (http://nsl-archiv.info/Filme/Deutsche-Wochenschauen/heil.php)

download them using the link

Die Deutsche Wochenschau (English: The German Look At The Week) is a series of German newsreels from 1940 until the end of World War II.

The series was a source of footage for late Nazi propaganda films such as Der Ewige Jude and Feldzug in Polen, as well as innumerable post-war documentaries. Despite Harry Giese's signature rat-a-tat narration that gives the proceedings a documentary-like tone, liberties were taken in retelling the facts in this Nazi propaganda tool. Comedic public service announcements were delivered by the Tran and Helle duo.

Among the many notable scenes preserved by the newsreel are the Nazi point of view of the battle of Normandy, the footage of Hitler and Mussolini right after the July 20 plot, and the last footage of Hitler awarding Hitler Youth volunteers shortly before the Battle of Berlin.