The Chindits


The Chindits

in 1942 77th Indian Infantry Brigade
in 1943 Indian 3rd Infantry Division


ORDER OF BATTLE - 1st Chindit Expedition 1943
77th Indian Infantry Brigade
     13th King's Liverpool Regiment
     3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
     142 Commando Company
     2nd Burma Rifles
     Eight RAF sections
     A mule transport company    
Commander    Brigadier Orde Wingate, DSO    late Royal Artillery
Brigadier Major    Major R.B.G. Bromhead            Royal Berkshire Regiment
                           succeeded by Major G.M. Anderson    Highland Light Infantry
Staff Captain    Captain H.J. Lord                    Border Regiment
The Brigade was divided into two groups and seven columns :
No. 1 Group (Southern)
Commander    Lt-Colonel Alexander    3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
Adjutant             Captain Birtwhistle    3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
No. 1 Column    Major G. Dunlop, MC    Royal Scots
No. 2 Column    Major A. Emmett    3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
No. 2 Group (Northern)
Commander     Lt-Colonel S.A. Cooke    Lincolnshire Regiment,attached King's Regiment
Adjutant            Captain D. Hastings    King's Regiment
No. 3 Column    Major J.M. Calvert    Royal Engineers
No. 4 Column    Major Conron     3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
                           succeeded by Major R.B.G. Bromhead    Royal Berkshire Regiment
No. 5 Column    Major B.E. Fergusson    Black Watch
No. 7 Column    Major K.D. Gilkes    King's Regiment
No. 8 Column    Major W.P. Scott    King's Regiment
2nd Burma Rifles    Lt-Colonel L.G. Wheeler    Burma Rifles
                                        Adjutant    Captain P.C. Buchanan    Burma Rifles
Independent Mission    Captain D.C. Herring     

ORDER OF BATTLE - 2nd Chindit Expedition 1944

Special Force, 3rd Indian Infantry Division
Command and Staff
Commander    Major-General O.C.Wingate DSO
                                succeeded by Major General W.D.A. Lentaigne
Deputy Commander             Major-General G.W. Symes, succeeded by Brigadier D. Tulloch
Brigadier General Staff    Brigadier D. Tulloch, succeeded by Brigadier H.T. Alexander
Headquarters                    Rear HQ at Gwalior, Central India
                                           Main HQ first at Imphal and then at Sylhet, Assam
                                           Launching HQ at Lalaghat
                                           Tactical/Forward HQ, Shaduzup, Burma
Support Units
Air Force    United States Army Air Force
   Colonel P. Cochran USAAF, Colonel J.R. Alison USAAF
Royal Artillery     160th Field Regiment, R,S,and U troops
   69th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, W, X, Y and Z troops
3rd West African Brigade
Commander    Brigadier A.H. Gillmore, succeeded by Brigadier A.H.G. Ricketts DSO
Column 10    HQ column, 7th West African Field Company
Columns 39, 66    6th Battalion Nigeria Regiment
Columns 29, 35    7th Battalion Nigeria Regiment
Columns 12, 43    12th Battalion Nigeria Regiment
     3rd West African Field Ambulance
14th British Infantry Brigade
Commander    Brigadier T. Brodie    
Column 59    HQ column
Columns 42, 73    2nd Battalion The Black Watch
Columns 16, 61    1st Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment
Columns 65, 84    2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment
Columns 47, 74    7th Battalion Royal Leicestershire Regiment
Support    54th Field Company Royal Engineers
     Medical Detachment    
16th British Infantry Brigade
Commander    Brigadier B.E. Fergusson DSO
Column 99    HQ column
Columns 21, 22    2nd Battalion Queens Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
Columns 17, 71    2nd Battalion Royal Leicestershire Regiment
Columns 51, 69    51/69 Field Regiments, Royal Artillery (fighting as infantry)
Columns 45, 54    45th Reconnaissance Regiment (fighting as infantry)
Support    2nd Field Company Royal Engineers
     Medical Detachment    
23rd Indian Infantry Brigade
Commander    Brigadier Lance E.C.M. Perowne CBE
Column 32    HQ column    
Columns 44, 56    1st Battalion Essex Regiment
Columns 33, 76    2nd Battalion Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Columns 34, 55    4th Battalion Border Regiment
Columns 60, 68    60th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery (fighting as infantry)
Support    12th Field Company Royal Engineers
     Medical Detachment    
77th Indian Infantry Brigade
Commander    Brigadier J.M. Calvert DSO    
Column 25    HQ column    
   Mixed Field Company Royal Engineers/Royal Indian Engineers
Columns 36, 63    3rd Battalion 6th Gurkha Rifles
Columns 81, 82    1st Battalion King's (Liverpool) Regiment, to 111 Brigade in May 1944
Columns 20, 50    1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers
Columns 38, 80    1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment
Columns 57, 93    3rd Battalion 9th Gurkha Rifles, to 111 Brigade in May 1944
Support    142 Company Hong Kong Volunteers
     Medical and veterinary detachments
111th Indian Infantry Brigade
Commander    Brigadier W.D.A. Lentaigne, succeeded first by Major J. Masters
and then by Brigadier Morris CBE DSO
Column 48    HQ column
Columns 26, 90    1st Battalion Cameronians    
Columns 41, 46    2nd Battalion Kings Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster)
Column 30    3rd Battalion 4th Gurkha Rifles
Support    Mixed Field Company Royal Engineers/Royal Indian Engineers
   Medical and veterinary detachments
Morris Force      
Commander    Brigadier J.R. Morris    
Columns 49, 94    4th Battalion 9th Gurkha Rifles
Column 40    3rd/4th Gurkha Rifles    
Dah Force    Lieut-Colonel D.C. Herring    
   Kachin Levies    
Bladet (Blain's Detachment)
   Major Blain    
   Gliderborne commando engineers.
Other Units       
   2nd Battalion Burma Rifles
   Four troops 160th Field Regiment Royal Artillery (in artillery role)
   Four troops 69th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery (in artillery role)
Divisional Troops       
   219th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers
   Detachment 2nd Burma Rifles
   145th Brigade Company, R.A.S.C.
   61st Air Supply Company, R.A.S.C.
   2nd Indian Air Supply Company, R.I.A.S.C.


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