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Title: SAR Koksijde (B) to the rescue!
Post by: Koen on 29 July 2009, 21:34:50
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July 27th 2009

couldn't find any non-dutch spoken reports

a Seaking from SAR at Koksijde (Belgium) rescued six youngsters in Langdon Bay near the white cliffs of Dover.

The demand came from schottish RAF base of Kinloss. The Belgian Seaking departed from Koksijde at 18.09hr and arrived at 18.40hr (Belgian time).

The Seaking flew twice, first 2 and then 4, were transported safely to a helipad from the British coastguard.

19.10hr Belgian time the rescue mission was over and the Seaking got back home at 19.42hr.

Since 1961 40th squadron performed over 2500 missions, 1500 confirmed lives were saved, 80% of them were saved and rescued from the water.

An impressive record, well done!